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E Cigarette Side Effects


The Side Effect of Vaping

E Cigarette Side Effects

While we here at Breazy are ardent supporters of vaping as a much healthier life choice than using tobacco in any form, there are a handful of issues that may come up to complicate one's enjoyment of their vaporizer. While not exhaustive, here are a few of the more common e cigarette side effects that new users report, along with some suggested treatments. Please don't construe this as medical advice- consult your doctor for that. These are simply some helpful tips we've picked up along the way.

E Cigarette Side Effects: Dehydration

First off, hydration is key! Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), the base ingredients in e-liquid, act as a humectant, drawing moisture that is turned into the visible vapor clouds exhaled when vaping. Expect to drink more water when you vape, as every cloud you're blowing is contributing to decreasing your hydration level, which could lead to effects easily confused with vaping itself.

E Cigarette Side Effects: Vaper’s Tongue

Has your favorite liquid flavor suddenly lost its punch, or developed a flavor that's somehow just "off"? First, check to make sure you haven't burned your wicks or otherwise spoiled the coil – if your equipment is working fine, you could be suffering from the dreaded vaper's tongue.

The most common cause of this affliction is consistent vaping of the same flavor or similar flavors over a period of time.  Eventually your taste buds will go numb and stop responding in the way you'd like. The cure (along with drinking plenty of water) is simple – switch up your flavors. Some users prefer an especially sharp flavor like a menthol, peppermint, or cinnamon to wake the taste buds up, but use caution if you've got a plastic tank as some of these flavors react poorly with plastic.

E Cigarette Side Effects: PG Sensitivity

As many as one in ten new vapers experiences some adverse reaction to propylene glycol, one of the two base liquids combined with nicotine and flavoring to form e-liquid. Most often complaints revolve around sore throats and upper respiratory tract irritation from former smokers, as some of the chemical additives found in cigarettes but not in e-liquids are designed to mask the harshness of a nicotine inhale.

More rare (about 1 in 5,000) are reports of dry skin, itchiness, or acne breakouts, and in even more extreme cases (1 in 100,000) users already suffering from tinnitus (a consistent ringing in the ears) will report a worsening condition after starting to vape.

Most users reporting the common sore throat after switching to vaping find that their irritation goes away with time, but for vapers with one of the more persistent conditions, a switch to liquids that rely heavily on vegetable glycerin as a base ingredient is recommended. Making the switch to 100% VG-based e liquids is difficult, however, as the vast majority of flavor extract manufacturers suspend their flavoring in PG. Whenever possible, we include notes on the PG/VG content of our liquids to help users select a blend best suited to their needs.

E Cigarette Side Effects: VG Sensitivity

Vapers reporting a problem with VG are much rarer - estimated at about 1 in 1,000. It's still unknown whether these users are sensitive to vegetable glycerin in general, or rather one of the common plants (usually palm or soy) used in extraction. Common complaints include a "heavy" feeling in the lungs when breathing after an extended vaping session.

For vapers feeling a heaviness in the chest, we recommend trying liquids with a 50/50 PG/VG blend or higher. If any of these conditions persist in making your vaping experience unpleasant, please don't hesitate to contact your doctor.

Again please remember that is not medical advice- if you feel ill please contact your doctor.  This is imply our opinion on common e cigarette side effects.