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A Beginner's Guide to Beginner's Gear

A Beginner's Guide to Beginner's Gear

Today, we're going to look at "starter kits," a broad term that encompasses everything from the most basic setup to get a new vaper started on their journey away from tobacco all the way to some fairly advanced gear that, even though it's marketed to new users, would be right at home in the collection of an experienced vaper. Everything we'll discuss today is available right here in Breazy's Hardware shop.

First, the most basic – the Breazy Vape Pen. This is what is referred to as an eGo-style device – it's got a battery about the size of a Sharpie marker, a single button to turn the device on and off and to power it during use, and a small, easy-to-fill clearomizer (tank) with female threads that attach the tank to the battery. While this won't produce the crazy clouds you may have seen other vapers blowing, it's a solid little setup that does an excellent job of providing the mouth-to-lung inhale style and cloud size closest to an actual cigarette. There are no parts to learn to work on, everything works until it wears out and you've just got to replace the low-cost coil heads (a screw-in device with a heating wire and fabric wick to guide e-liquid to that wire) occasionally. This is largely old technology in a rapidly-evolving industry, but it's still better than what many of us used to quit smoking just a few short years ago.

The next step up the line is the Breazy Elite kit – this still uses an eGo-type battery and basic clearomizer, but it introduces variable wattage. This key feature that will be found on nearly every model from here on out allows you to increase or decrease the amount of power going to your coil (heating wire), creating a warmer or cooler cloud of vapor. Some flavors taste best at low power, some like it hot – this customization option will be instrumental to dialing in your vape style as you progress into an advanced user.

Stepping up from these (but actually moving down in price at the same time) is the eGo AIO – produced by Joyetech, one of the original pioneers in the vape world, this is a slightly larger (but still tube-shaped) device that combines the battery and tank into a single device, further eliminating complications. Another feature that we add with this device is airflow control, meaning that instead of being limited to mouth-to-lung inhales, you can also experiment with direct lung draws, which will produce more vapor at a cooler temperature.

A popular option for those looking beyond their initial device toward something that they'll enjoy without outgrowing is the Innokin Cool Fire 4 series of mods – these devices still feature internal batteries, but they carry a much larger capacity and can provide more power than any of the devices we've discussed to date. Innokin has long been respected for durability, producing the popular MVP series of batteries that were a staple of the early 2010s. The Cool Fire devices also include a replaceable, refillable tank – this one and most others in the "intermediate to advanced" range will abandon the eGo-style female threads in favor of "510-style" male threading at the tank base – these days most every manufacturer's 510-threaded tank is compatible with another company's 510-threaded battery or mod.

Beyond this point, all-in-one starter kits venture into mods with replaceable 18650-style batteries. Slightly larger than a AA cell most are familiar with, these are specialty cells that come designed for a wide range of uses – we recommend Samsung 25R model batteries, which carry a 20 amp true continuous discharge rating, as a reliable cell for use in any of our replaceable-battery devices. While some offer onboard charging via a micro-USB cable, having a separate charger is considered the best practice for safety, battery life, and the convenience of always having a spare ready to swap out if the battery you're using dies. Popular devices that come with both the tank and the mod (but not the battery or independent charger) include the Joyetech VTC and VTC Mini along with the Kanger Subox and Topbox series. Aside from the replaceable battery, these mods work similarly to the Cool Fire previously discussed, featuring both adjustable power setting and adjustable airflow on the tank – by making adjustments to these two settings and experimenting with different liquid flavors until you find a favorite (or a handful of favorites), you're sure to find the perfect setting that will keep you vaping for a long time to come.