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Vaping More? Cut Your Nicotine!

Vaping More? Cut Your Nicotine!

For those of you who haven't been vaping too long, clearomizer (tank) technology has come a long way in the last year and change. A long way. Check out our timeline to see just how rapidly the industry is advancing.

Scaling down to the point of today's post, new devices are allowing users to consume much more e-liquid than ever before, creating bigger, tastier, more satisfying clouds than ever. But there's a drawback to treating vaping today like one might have approached it a few years ago, and it relates to nicotine consumption.

The simplest way to look at nicotine consumption is this: if you're vaping twice as much vape liquid, you're consuming twice as much nicotine. There are other factors that come into play to decrease this number somewhat, but that's still not really anyone's goal, is it?

Most e-liquids today cater to the modern vaper – that is, they offer lower levels of nicotine so you can vape to your heart's content while still decreasing your overall nicotine consumption level. Gone are the 18, 24, and 36 mg/ml strength juices – they've been replaced by 12, 6, 3, and in some cases, 1.5 mg/ml vape liquids.

Wait, why would I want to consume more vape liquid but less nicotine, you may be asking. Simple – for many of us, the act of smoking is/was as pleasurable as the actual result. By lowering your nic level, you're able to vape to your heart's content without risk of over consumption, which at mild levels causes all sorts of discomfort such as nausea, cold sweats, and headaches (remember when you first started smoking and had "too much?"). Nicotine overdosing could even result in a hospital stay or worse – while in mild doses studies have suggested nicotine is a stimulant similar to caffeine in its ability to boost energy and improve concentration, it's still dangerous when consumed at a heavy rate.

For this reason, we recommend new vapers start with a low nic level – once you find an "all day vape" flavor you can stick with for a while, try a couple nic levels. You can use the lower one to see if it satisfies you, if not try the higher. If that does the trick, start diluting it with some of the lower-octane bottle to wean yourself off dependence on nic, eventually breaking the cycle and keeping yourself safe from excessive exposure.