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A Guide To Vaping: What Is A Mod?

 A Guide To Vaping: What Is A Mod?


New the vaping world? It can be overwhelming, and I certainly had plenty of questions when I first started. One was, what is a vape mod?


 Itaste MVP Classic Vape Mods

First, back in the early days of vaping when primitive cigalikes were pretty much all the market had to offer, smokers who were dedicated to quitting but who couldn’t get the performance they needed out of the equipment available began modifying other devices like flashlights to connect to 510-threaded atomizers. A few industrious and technically-inclined vapers began a cottage industry of making and selling these ‘mods’ to friends and family members - by the time improved vape hardware started to be available from mass producers, the name ‘mod’ had stuck.




Compared to e-cigarettes like basic cigalikes and ultra portable pod mods or eGo style vape pens, mods are typically bigger, and slightly more complicated. The tank could have a larger capacity, the heating coil could have a higher temperature, or the device could have longer battery life, but one of the key components found in mods is  adjustability - most use a computer chip that will allow you to control exactly how much power you deliver to your coil (variable voltage/wattage), or set it not to exceed a certain temperature (temperature control).


Yihi Box Mods Breazy.com

Why use a mod? Honestly, it’s about preference. Some users may find that their vape pen doesn’t offer the experience they want, so they opt for a mod instead. There are also different types of mods to meet your needs.


Smok QBOX Starter Kit Breazy.com

Mini box mods, sometimes called the stealth mod, are just that. They are a potent, powerful yet tiny device that allows users the strength of a mod, without the bulk of a larger device. A good starter mod, these typically fit in the palm of your hand. With proper care, mini mods can be satisfying to use, while being compact and operator friendly - their main drawback is that if you’re using them at high power a single charge may not get you through the day.


Wismec Reuleaux box mod

Standard typically have an increased battery life, as they use two, three, or even four battery cells instead of a single cell or an internal battery pack like the minis. They’ll also generally have larger, easier to read LCD display screens and more functional menu settings.


Any device that does not a circuit board for regulating the power flow through the device is considered an unregulated, or mechanical mod. Unregulated mods have no computer chip to control the flow of power from your battery to your coil - press the fire button and your battery gives your coil as much power as it demands. If your coil demands more draw than your battery is capable of delivering, the cell could overheat, causing a fire or explosion. For this reason, a mechanical mod user needs a strong understanding of Ohm’s Law and basic electrical theory to operate their device safely. As the performance of regulated mods has risen to match or surpass mechanicals in recent years, the mech has mostly been relegated to hobbyist use and isn’t frequently recommended as a beginner or primary mod.


Overall, regulated mods are a good intermediate to advanced unit. If you’re looking for a newer device and want to step away from vape pens, a regulated mod may be right for you. They are easily used and perfect for the casual and well seasoned vaper alike. Unregulated mods are for more experienced users with strong knowledge behind the electrical workings of their device.