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Actions that Can Damage the Vaping Movement


Organizations like CASAA - The Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association, work diligently to speak up regarding vaping rights in a variety of manners - from passive programs and petitions to providing statements at legal proceedings. The group exists to continue to fight to ensure smoke free reduced harm alternatives are available to for those wishing to stop smoking. We’ve covered topics including how you can answer the call to action and help ensure the rights of all vape users, but today we are going to tackle ways you may actually be harming the movement without ever intending to.

As a young person I’m often marked by a variety of labels, and being classified as a vape user is just another designation being thrown around like confetti. While there’s nothing wrong with being someone who vapes, in some instances vaping has gotten a bad reputation. All it takes is a person having one bad experience for vaping to become negatively perceived going forward. This one experience can “ruin” vaping for others. Take some time to think about how and when you vape, and how it may be affecting others. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest pet peeves and actions that can cause more harm than good to the vaping movement.

Vaping in the Movie Theatre

I get it, as a former smoker, I know that sometimes the desire for a sneak hit is strong, especially if the movie is really long. However, there are some issues that can arise from vaping in a movie theater. The first is distraction, while vaping isn’t inherently noisy, the vape cloud may block some people’s view of the screen, or cause people to panic thinking something is wrong inside the theater. The second issue is the bigger one, it probably isn’t permitted. At my local movie theaters, both smoking and vaping inside are banned. Before attempting to sneak a puff of your vape at the next matinee, know if you’re legally permitted to, and think about how your indulgence will affect the enjoyment of others (this isn’t to say there aren’t methods of “stealth” vaping that will leave other patrons none the wiser, but if you’re going to break the rules make sure you’ve got a technique that leaves no clouds and a juice that leaves no obnoxious odor).

Vaping on School Properties

While finding cigarette butts near “no smoking” signs at your local school may not be uncommon, it’s important to follow policies when showing school spirit. Many schools have instituted no vaping areas in addition to their existing cigarette bans. While PTA meetings and parent-teacher conferences can be stressful, avoid vaping inside the school. If you really need to vape, try to do it in your car before going into the school, or after. Just like vaping in the movie theater, you need to know where you’re able to legally vape, and schools can be tricky.

The God Complex

This is a big one, being rude towards smokers. If you’re anything like me, you were once a smoker and vaping was your way to smoking cessation. Making the transition does not make you a “better” person or smokers “lesser” people, you’re both still human. Talking down to current smokers not only makes you look like a jerk, it may discourage current smokers from using vaping as a means to smoking cessation. If you want to share your story about how vaping has helped you, that’s one thing, openly smashing the currently smoker, a different, totally not okay, thing. You may be passionate about vaping and how it has helped you, but talking down to current smokers isn’t going to inspire them to follow in your footsteps. Kindness can be key in talking to others about your choice to use vaping as a lesser harm alternative, be humble.

Blowing Vapor In Someone’s Face

Blowing vapor in someone’s face is not cool. I get it, accidents happen, but deliberately blowing vapor into someone’s face isn’t going to give vaping a good name. I’m sure your fruity loop cereal e-juice smells amazing to you, but not everyone feels that way. You probably wouldn’t go up to someone and blow cigarette smoke in their face, so why do it when vaping? In some tight spaces and vaping areas it can be inevitable. In these cases, I always opt for using some kindness and apologizing. Swallowing your pride and saying, “I’m sorry” when your cloud gets out of control improve the image of the vaping movement, blowing clouds in people’s faces deliberately, not so much.

When it comes to the vaping movement, the “what you shoulds” are often more discussed than the “what you shouldn’ts.” Simple actions that you may (or may not) have been doing can have a positive or negative impact on the movement. With vaping being in an almost constant legal tug of war and various organizations arguing medical and ethical standpoints it’s important to know how your actions impact the movement.