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Changing Your Coil: Knowing It's Time


It's easy to tell when your battery needs charged, whether it's because an indicator light came on, or your vape just decided to shut off. Knowing when your coil needs changing may not be as straightforward. Much like battery safety, proper coil replacement is crucial to the optimum use of your vape. Don't fret, there are signs you can pick up on that indicate your coil needs replaced.


A Bit of Background


First things first, what is a <a href="https://breazy.com/collections/coils">coil</a> and what does it do? This is a topic that Breazy has covered in detail in the past. In the most basic form, a heating coil is a metal coil, typically made from Kanthal, nickel, stainless steel, or titanium, that creates the vapor in your vape. The coil is heated by the atomizer and as it is heated, causes the e-liquid absorbed by the wick - located in the center of the coil - to heat to the point of vaporization. The coil is directly involved in the process that makes a vape a vape.


In the sense of throwaway coils used in clearomizers, the "coil" is more than just that - it's a complete atomizer including the coil, wicking, and positive and negative contact points to allow the actual coiled wire to heat up and convert liquid to vapor. That's the definition we're going to be working with going forward.


All Good Things Must Come to an End


Even the best cared for coil will need to be replaced eventually, and because the coil is such an essential part of the vape, you should never put off changing it. There are several signs your coil is failing, the first of which being a burnt taste. In some cases a good cleaning will restore the coil for continued use after a burnt taste, regardless of vape juice type, but typically when the burnt taste occurs your wicking material has spoiled and it's time for a new coil. The second telltale sign that your coil is past its prime, is that your e-juice no longer has the same taste. It could be that the flavor is just off, and you're not sure how to describe it, or it could be that you're hardly getting any flavor at all.


Outside of taste differences, you may notice your vape has begun to leak. This can prove to be both a nuisance and a hazard. While a leak can also be caused by a faulty o ring or an overfilled tank, a worn out wick can also cause your vape to leak. Pinpointing the cause of your leak is the first step. Another sign could be that your vape is gurgling. Much like leaking, gurgling can be caused by a couple problems, but can point towards needing a new coil. If replacing your coil doesn't fix the problem, the gurgling continues after replacing the coil, it may mean there's a larger issue at hand.


The biggest indicator of needing a new coil can simply be how long it's been since your last change. If it seems like it's been ages since you last changed your coil, there's a pretty good chance it's time for a new one. Coil life depends on how long and how often you're vaping. If you're not vaping very often your coil will last longer. If you vape constantly throughout the day, every day, your coil may need replaced more often.


Maintenance for all parts of your vape is important, but knowing when it's time to swap out for a new element can not always be obvious. Looking for these signs of needing a new coil can help improve the life of your whole device. Continuing to vape with a coil pasts its prime can result in damage to other parts of your vape. It is important to not only know the signs of a coil needing replacing, but also to act upon them.