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Conduction vs Convection Vape

Conduction vs Convection Vape


Vaporizers are the best option to use if you consume cannabis or herbs compared with direct smoking. Vaporizers offer cleaner and less harmful, with fewer respiratory irritants that are associated with smoking. Vaporizers are also discrete and odorless. Additionally, most of them can fit in a pocket.


Conduction vs Convection Vape


You may be wondering: Which one is the best when you compare conduction vs convection vape. Here is a guide to help you in deciding on what to buy.

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Difference Between Conduction vs Convection Vape

When it comes to convection vs conduction dry herb vape, both of them are healthier options when you compare them to smoking. However, each one of them vaporizes herb differently. You have to know how each one works and understand its pros and cons before deciding which one is right for you. 

If you are confused about convection vape vs conduction, don't fret. We'll help you understand these two common types of vaporizers; conduction vapes use direct heat to vaporize. A heated surface is used to heat herbs through direct contact.

In convection vapes,  the concentrate or herbs are heated indirectly with hot air or forced steam until vapor is released. Some vapes utilize both the convection and conduction heat and are referred to as a hybrid.

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How Conduction Vape Work

When dealing with most convection vaporizers, you will have to place the herb inside the vaporizer directly on top of a heating coil — this can be steel or ceramic. Herb or concentrate must come into contact with a heating element. The heating element then heats the herbs and heat extracts essential oils, which evaporate into the vapor you inhale.

The vapor released is dense and has a robust flavor. Conduction vapes are popular with old users who value the rich taste of herbs.

One disadvantage is that you have to fill the chamber with loads of cannabis. Consequently, they can go to waste if you want a short fix. Conduction is prone to combustion issues because of direct contact with the heating element, resulting in herbs getting burned and having a smoky vapor with a burnt taste.

The best conduction vapes allow temperature settings, such as the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer, with temperature control that ranges between 122°F and 428°F. 


  • - Most conduction vapes heat up faster, and one can engage in no time
  • - They are smaller in size
  • - They provide excellent vapor quality


  • - Constant stirring of herbs is required to ensure they heat well
  • - Increased risk of combustion
  • - Consistent results are harder to achieve
  • - You must load the chambers to capacity

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How Convection Vape Work

You have to load weed or concentrate at a removable chamber inside or on top of the vape. Heat the vape to the desired temperature, then reattach the chamber.

When choosing between conduction vs convection weed vape, the ideal option — if you want to get the most of your herb — is the convection vape. There is a low risk of combustion, and the concentrate is heated evenly. 

There are two types: fan-assisted, which blows hot air through the herb creating vapor, and an inhalation vortex that uses the force of your inhalation to pull hot air through your herb to create vapor.


  • - The vapor produced is consistent and evenly heat
  • - Convection vape produces a pure form of vapor as compared to conduction vape
  • - The vapor is lighter and less dense


  • - Bulky
  • - Takes longer to heat

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Best Vape for Dry herbs and Weed

Some vapes are designed for use with dried herbs, flowers, and plant matter only. They are best suited to enjoying weed. When comparing convection vs conduction dry herb vape, the conduction vape is suitable for dry herbs.


The prices of conduction vs convection vape differ slightly. Conduction vapes are inexpensive compared to convection ones. Convection vapes are more complex, and their price is higher than simple conduction vapes.

Conduction vapes require less maintenance than convection vapes, which risk breakdown if not regularly maintained or upgraded. Conduction has built up, thus requiring cleaning as compared to convection vapes.

Compatibility and Battery Life

If you need higher battery life and small compatible vapes, then the best between conduction vs convection vapes is the conduction. 

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