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How Does Salt Nicotine Affect You?

How Does Salt Nicotine Affect You?


How Does Salt Nicotine Affect You?

There are two primary types of nicotine that’s used in e-liquid, “freebase” nicotine and nicotine salts. While freebase nicotine is the more common, salt nicotine has been making waves in newer e-liquid offerings looking to give vapers a more natural tobacco experience.

Nicotine salt is the purest form of nicotine found in tobacco. The salt compounds are contained in the leaves alongside other compounds found in the plant's organic matter. Pax Labs, creators of the popular JUUL cigalike, researched the effects of using salt as a base for their nicotine, and discovered that specific nicotine salts actually appeared to work better than freebase nicotine e-liquid in delivering a tobacco-like experience for smokers looking to quit.

Most vapes still use freebase nicotine, and chances are you’re using a vape that uses freebase nicotine. However, if you’re looking for something different, switching to salt nicotine might be good if you’re not getting the "oomph" you need to kick smoking for good.



The Effects

One of the more positive effects is that a vaper gets a quicker nicotine uptake with salt nicotine. Because nicotine salts are in their natural state, the body appears to have an easier time absorbing them right away and sustaining a longer nicotine fix.

This is a solution to a problem that many former smokers have when they start their cessation process from cigarettes to vaping. It takes them longer than they’re used to to feel the effects of nicotine when they vape. As a result, many former smokers end up going back to smoking because they don’t get the same feeling when they vape as they do when they smoke.

Another effect is a throat hit comparable to cigarettes. Some new vapers complain that vaping doesn’t provide them with the throat hits they are used to when they were smoking cigarettes. That won’t be a problem with e-juices that contain nicotine salts. Nicotine salts have been shown to provide strong throat hits that are similar to the feeling you might get when smoking a regular cigarette.

Examples of Salt Based Juices

A number of vape manufacturers have begun using salt-based e-liquids. For example, there’s the SMPO starter kit which costs only $19.99 for a portable and easy-to-use pod mod that can be an easy buy for anyone looking to give vaping a try on a budget.

At Breazy, we also sell e-liquids for the starter kit, including the fruity two-pack pods which comes with the flavors of tart raspberry, and my personal favorite, blueberry, all made with specialized nicotine salts to give that smooth fruity richness.

JUUL, as mentioned before, has been a big part of getting salt nicotine out there on the market. They offer various flavors including the Fruit Medley and the Virginia Tobacco flavors, favorites for beginners and veteran vapers alike.

There’s also NKD 100 Salt E Liquid which comes in a number of flavors: Lava Flow, Brain Freeze, and American Patriots, which tastes like the traditional tobacco flavor we’ve all grown to love, packaged as a salt e-liquid juice.