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How Much Do Vapes Cost?

How Much Do Vapes Cost?

If you’re considering vaping, then one of the biggest questions on your mind is probably how much do vapes cost.
After all, if you can’t afford the vape equipment you want, then you’ll have to settle for less. 

Not only that, you might end up being able to buy what you need for a while, but then lose the ability to buy more. For example, you might get a vape mod or vape pen but lack the budget to keep buying vape juice for it. 

How Much Do Vapes Cost?


To avoid these situations, we’ve written this article so that you know all about the costs involved before you choose to buy vaping equipment. We’ve covered:

- What affects the price of vapes

- How much do vapes usually cost 

- Some of the best vapes to buy this year

Factors that Affect the Price of Vapes

Five main factors can influence vape cost. If you’re looking to figure out how much do vapes cost, then you’ll want to assess every vape you’re considering based on these factors. 

No single factor is more important than the others, and even if some are higher on your list of priorities, you should consider all of them to ensure your best chance of getting the best deal

We’ll summarize each factor so you can get all the details at a glance without having to do extensive research. 



There is a wide range of sizes and shapes when you look at vapes. For example, you can get box mods and vape pens. Both of these have entirely different designs, even though they share similar components. 

The design will affect the dimensions of the vaping equipment, as well as the color scheme and the materials it’s made from. You can get some vapes that are designed for portability and others that are designed for customization.

That means when you’re looking at vapes, you should ensure the design is suitable for your vaping needs.


Vape mods, vape pens, and similar equipment all need to heat the e-juice in the tank to vaporize it. This is done by either convection or conduction. If you’re more experienced with vaping, you should opt for a convection model because you get more control over the temperature settings.

However, convection models are more expensive because they heat the vapor indirectly via a medium like steam. The added complexity pushes up their prices. Conduction vapes touch the e-juice directly, making them more straightforward, but you can’t adjust the temperature


If you’re planning to vape for a long time or throughout the day, then you’ll need good battery life. There are different battery capacities used in vapes, and you can compare them using the mAh rating. It’s essential to consider this when working out how much do good vapes cost. 

Some batteries are removable, whereas others are integrated, which is another aspect to consider when it comes to batteries. The weather, temperature of the vape, and how often you vape can all affect battery life. But the bottom line is that a higher mAh rating will give you more puffs. 


When you think about how much do vapes cost, you have to factor in whether the vapes you like can vaporize the type of cannabis you vape with. You might use buds, wax, or e-juice, and not all vapes support all options. 

On the other hand, if you use resin or distillate, you can opt for a more straightforward and more affordable vape because these forms of cannabis don’t need as many parts to heat up. You can sometimes find compatibility information on a vape product page, but you may have to contact the manufacturer.


How much do vapes usually cost will depend on the accessories it comes with and the specific vaping device itself. If you buy a starter kit that comes with extra components like coils and batteries, you’ll be paying more than if you got a standalone or disposable vape,

However, if you’re a beginner, the extra costs of a starter kit will be worth it so that you can have an easier experience when you’re vaping. If you’re more advanced, you should consider getting a standalone vape as it will be cheaper. 

How Much Do Vapes Cost? Price Breakdown

How much do vapes cost depends on the type that you’re buying. It also depends on whether you’re buying a vape that has a specific purpose. For example, some vapes are for general use, and others are of higher quality. 

Vape pens for general use cost $25-100. Disposable vapes cost $5-40, and high-quality vapes cost $100-200. If you’re buying a cig-a-like or e-cigarette, you can expect to pay $11-50. If you’ve opted for a pod mod, the cost will be $10 and above. Finally, if you’ve picked a vape mod, the cost can be anywhere from $30 to more than $150. 

The Best Vapes to Try This Year 

So that you can get a good idea of how much do good vapes cost, we’ve selected five different types of vape we think are worth buying. We’ve provided a brief overview of each one, some pros and cons, and a link to find out more information. 

We recommend that you do your research about each of these, but the information we’ve given should be enough to give you an idea of whether the product is right for you or not. 

PockeX AIO Kit - Aspire


PockeX AIO Kit - Aspire

This vape pen from Aspire is marketed as a kit, but it only contains the vape pen, charger, and manual. It comes in a range of elegant colors, although only black is available at the moment. 

It’s discounted from $39.99 down to $19.99, which makes it a bargain if you’re on a budget but still want good quality. The battery size is a generous 1500mAh, and it has a 2ml tank. 


- It has a leak-proof design 

- You can replace the coils without draining the vape juice 


- The display screen is relatively small 

Kylin Mini Ultra Flavor RTA - Vandy Vape

Kylin Mini Ultra Flavor RTA - Vandy Vape

Some vapes have rebuildable tanks, and these are typically suited for those with more experience. This one usually comes in a range of colors, but only gold is available right now. It costs $19.99 and has plenty of features to keep you satisfied. 

It has a maximum capacity of 5ml, an airflow system based on a honeycomb design, and makes flavors feel intense. 


- The top fill method makes it easy to refill

- It’s made from high-quality stainless steel 


- It’s not suitable for beginners and might overwhelm you 


Lemon Dessert Disposable Pod- Mojo

Lemon Dessert Disposable Pod - Mojo

If you like citrusy flavors and want a vape you can throw away when you’re done, then this one makes a great choice. It costs just $1.99 and comes from a reputable brand. The tank size is fair at 1.2ml and will provide around 250 puffs. 

It comes with a 50mg nicotine strength, which is quite intense. That means it’s best suited for experienced vapers. 


- It’s designed so it won’t leak during use 

- The flavor is robust and hits your throat nicely 


- It uses salt nicotine, so it’s unsuitable for sub-ohm vaping

SMOK Nord 2 40W Pod KIT

SMOK Nord 2 40W Pod KIT

A classic pod mod, this vape is ideal for those who want something reliable that also comes with variety. Over half a dozen colors are available, and it comes from a well-known brand that many vapers buy from.

However, it stands out for its wide resistance range of 0.03-3 ohms and its generous 4.5ml tank capacity. It also has a 1500mAh battery, and the wattage can vary from 1-40W. 


- It will give you a lot of puffs thanks to the tank capacity 

- Its resistance range makes it suitable for sub-ohm vaping 


- At $23.99, it’s not the cheapest option available 

Suorin Air Starter Kit

Suorin Air Starter Kit 

As we mentioned earlier in the article, new vapers should purchase a starter kit to get to grips with vaping as quickly as possible. This one is a bargain at just $17.99, reduced from $34.99. 

It also comes in a range of colors, like Navy Blue, Red, and Light Green. The battery capacity is 400mAh, and the tank capacity is 2ml.


- It’s compatible with plenty of flavors 

- You’ll have everything you need to get started with vaping


- The battery capacity is very low 


Finding out how much do vapes cost is now ticked off your to-do list, and you should know all the essentials. That means you’ll know what to look for when considering different vapes. But if you’re in any doubt, you can rely on the list we’ve provided. Each product is a different vape type so that you have a variety of options. 

However, if you really want to learn about vaping and see the full range of equipment on offer, there’s an extra step you should take. 

Click here to visit Breazy, an online store that sells high-quality vaping equipment and accessories.