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How Often Do I Need To Change My Refills/Cartridges?

The vaping industry has been able to help millions of smokers find an alternative to harmful "analogs" that ruled the nicotine market virtually unchallenged until a few years ago. Nowadays, with the advent of the cigalike, a portable, dependable vapor device that delivers an optimal experience that anyone can figure out, more smokers than ever are giving quitting a try.


The simplicity of the process depends on the cartridge, a disposable, easy-to-use capsule that makes changing flavors a breeze. While we all wish good things could last forever, the fact of the matter is that despite its delicious nature, sooner or later your liquid cartridge will need to be replaced.


Knowing when to replace your cartridge doesn't take years of know-how. The signs it's time for a change are simple to recognize, and being able to spot them prevents you from ever having a bad experience.

What could be simpler than a clear window to show when a cartridge is empty? If there isn't enough e-liquid to heat, vapor will not be produced and you'll only be burning the wick inside. Even if it seems like there's an inkling of juice left, it's still best to replace your cartridge. The wick needs a certain amount of liquid to stay moist and work properly, and a droplet of juice isn't going to cut it, as you'll find out through the burnt taste that rapidly replaces your favorite vape flavor.


Your best bet in these situations is to use your personal judgement. If your personal satisfaction isn't being fulfilled, it's time to replace your cartridge. As soon as the vapor production decreases, the flavor grows weaker, or the draw becomes too light, you'll know it's time to swap. Cartridges can last longer than most vapers will admit, but at what cost? Vaping a minimal cloud, a weak flavor, and a tiny draw isn't desired by anyone and you'll just be tight roping above the dreaded burnt hit.


Even when this happens, some vapers insist on just refilling the cartridges themselves. While this seems like a logical choice, most manufacturers won't recommend it. The cartridges are not built to be refilled, and online "hacks" can require a lot of work to refill something that may or not actually deliver as planned. There are some cartridges can withstand a refill or two, but with the delicate coils and tiny wicks in most disposable pods you're tempting fate by not going through the long and arduous process of a complete rebuild. If refilling is more your thing, you're better off just switching to a box mod or any refillable device, as they are purpose-built for refilling.


We of course understand that saving money is important, as we want to offer the best deals on vape products and are vapers ourselves. While trying to scrap for those last few drops in a cartridge or refilling them yourself seems economical, in the long run most cigalike users will decide it isn't worth it. The cost of smoking is much higher than vaping, which means you're already saving money by using cigalikes. Because of this, it's okay to treat yourself to a truly great experience, instead of just suffering through a terrible one to save an extra buck. Plus, most refill packs are becoming less and less expensive by the day, which means you don't have to try and stretch out your cartridge's lifespan. All in all, trust your judgement and when cartridges start to become unsatisfying, just replace them to maintain the experience they were created for: a fantastic, affordable alternative to smoking.