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How to Clean a Coil?

How to Clean a Coil?

One of the more daunting parts of upgrading from a pod mod to a larger mod is figuring out how to replace your vape coils.

A coil’s lifespan depends on the type and model, in addition to how often you use it. A disposable coil head could last anywhere from a few days to a month before it starts to develop a burnt taste, which is usually a sign it's nearing the end of its life. One of the more frequent questions is: how do you clean a coil if it starts to go bad?

The short answer is that cleaning disposable coi headls doesn’t help as much as you might think. There are a couple of methods to make sure your coil is well-maintained and clean, however, cleaning a coil that is already going bad will at best only prolong a coil’s lifespan by a couple days. And if you do it incorrectly, the costs can be much higher than simply replacing it in terms of damage it can do to your device. For long-term enjoyment, it’s best to just replace your coils at the first sign they’re going bad.

That being said, there are two main methods for cleaning your coil if you can’t immediately get your hands on a replacement: the soak-and-rinse method and the dry burn method. Each can be serve as a stopgap in a pinch, but you should still find a replacement coil as soon as possible.


The soak-and-rinse method is the easiest way to clean your coil. First, let the coil soak for a couple hours in a cleaning agent at home or readily available at a local store. You can use of the following cleaning agents: ethanol (grain alcohol from a local store like Walmart), white vinegar, baking powder, or cheap vodka you might have lying around.This will hopefully remove most of the gunk that’s built up. Then, place it under some water and rinse it. Then blow onto the open side of the coil until most of the moisture is gone. Finally, set it aside to let any remaining moisture evaporate. This last step can take up to a day, maybe longer - don't rush your coil back into service while there's still water or worse soaked into the cotton.

Dry Burn

The dry burn method is another way to clean your coil. This only works on rebuildable atomizers and won’t be effective unless you remove and replace the wicking material before vaping again. Gently fire up your coil to the point of heating up and burn the gunk and grime off your coil. Allow the coil to cool off before repeating for six cycles or until it’s sufficiently clean, blowing on the coil or gently brushing with a soft wire brush during cool-downs. The biggest danger here is the possibility that it could fry the coil completely, so be careful!

Dry-burning a coil with replaceable wicks will make your vaping taste better because it cleans devices more thoroughly. That’s because it eliminates burnt or clogged wicking responsible for the bad taste. Cleaning a rebuildable coil is actually much more effective than attempting to do so with a disposable unit, as the wicking is key to a fresh vaping experience.

When To Replace Your Coil

If cleaning your coil doesn’t work, you’re going to need to replace it. How often you'll replace your coil can depend on type of e-liquid, type of coil, or type of device you use. The general rule is the more you vape, the more often you need to change your coils.

E-Liquids and Coils

Vaping thick, darkly-colored, or highly-sweetened liquids can also have a negative effect on coil life, as they're more likely to gunk up cotton or other wicking material. High-power vaping above 60 to 80 watts will also cause you to consume liquid faster (there's only so much liquid that can pass through wicking before the fibers begin to break down) and increase the chance you'll burn your wick vaping too quickly.


Making sure your coils stay fresh should be part of your regular routine. You can purchase them at vape shops or online. Don’t wait too long, vape coils shouldn’t be neglected. You deserve all of the flavor and vapor your device has to offer, and the only way to get the most out of your experience is with a fresh, clean coil head.

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