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How to Select Your First Vape Setup

By: George Kassimis


When you’re finally ready to start vaping, finding the right device is key. Because there are so many options, it is best to understand the key types of devices, as well as what they are used for. This will ultimately help you choose your first device and ensure that it’s tailored to your tastes. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular options on the market today.


Starter Vape Setup:


Most “pen style” and pod mod devices, including the Juul, come as an all-in-one system. This means that everything works with one predetermined setting and not much modifying can be done. This may be the best option when it comes to first-time vapers, particularly if you’re not ready to commit to vaping for the long haul. These devices are cheap, usually ranging from $10 to $40, can be found in most vape shops local and online, and are often present at gas station and convenience stores. The only effort needed by the user is in refilling the juice and, eventually, replacing atomizers and batteries. These usually resemble cigarettes in shape, and sometimes size. These devices have a smaller tank capacity than most kits, and do not provide any low resistances, meaning not much vapor can be produced.  This type of device was used when the industry was first created, so it may seem quite nostalgic for long-time vapers. If you are interested in a device that is simple and easy to use, does not produce much vapor, and is very portable, than the starter e-cig is for you.


eGo Setups:


The eGo systems, like the Joyetech AIO (which doesn’t particularly resemble an eGo as experienced users would think of one), were perhaps the most popular devices for new users a few years ago. Similarly to the starter kit, the eGo does not require much effort and customization. Ranging from $20 to $100, it’s a simple charge-and-fil device that gets you an all-day vape. Another added bonus to the eGo is that most of them are used with clearomizers, which allow for easy monitoring of liquid levels. Because of their simple use, as well as richer vaping experience, many new vapers tend toward these setups. Although companies have been producing mods tailored for new vapers which has led to decreasing sales of eGos, many users still desire them due to the simplicity, richness, and cigar-like look.


Mod Setups:


Mods like the Smok 220w Kit  have become an industry standard in today’s modern era. This is because manufacturers have been able to produce portable, smaller devices with stronger batteries, interactive features, and prices that can compete with more basic devices. Although years ago most new users wouldn’t start with a mod setup, the technology has changed rapidly and become quite simple to understand. This simplicity can be found in the universal micro-USB charging (but remember it’s always much safer to charge 18650 batteries outside the mod), digital display screen, and the various customizable options that are easy to carry out. What you’ll need to know is the type of atomizer your device uses, the battery type, as well as the wattage range. The ability to customize the wattage, the temperature, and resistance, as well as the ability to update the software through a computer makes mod setups the most appealing to not just common users, but newcomers. If you feel that you would enjoy the ability to experiment with your vaping style without complexity, mod setups are definitely the way to go.


Now that you have a basic idea about what type of devices are out there, the next step is to think about what your preferences are. Below are a few things to look out for when purchasing your first device.


Size: Vape devices come in all sizes. Because of this, it’s best to think about where you’ll be using it. If you think you’ll be in a stationary setting, a larger kit might be best due to the better range of features offered. The features of larger kits are endless and are best for those who would just like to sit in a specific room and vape. This, though, should not discourage the potential of smaller devices. Many small mods today have had their battery technology advanced rapidly and therefore stay charged for longer. If you think you’ll be using your vape on the go, consider the size and comfortability of a device before purchasing it.


Appearance: As is with most investments, getting a device that appeals to you is quite important. It is something you’re going to have a while, so it’s a good idea to pick something that you won’t feel embarrassed to use or get sick of looking at.


Wattage: Wattage is what determines the power your mod delivers. The power is then transferred upon the atomizer, producing different size, flavor, and density of the vapor. Certain atomizers are designed to work best within an assigned wattage (power) range. Because of this, it is best to make sure that you are not surpassing the maximum wattage recommended for your current atomizer - go too low and you won’t get quality vapor, go too high and you’ll burn your wicks an experience the dreaded “dry hit” phenomenon. Some kits can deliver wattage in the range of 100 or more, but this isn’t recommended for new users. If the atomizer you are using has a maximum of 50W, keep your device at around 47-48W. This will keep your atomizer lasting longer and avoid any burn outs


Now that you have a general idea about what to look out for when purchasing your first device, try and tailor them to your desire. Whether it be an e-cig with minimum cloud production, or a box mod in the shape of an inhaler, your device should always be personalized to you. Make sure you like the way it looks, works, and feels before purchasing it. Hopefully, it will replace that cigarette pack and help you express yourself more than a white paper tube.