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Hydration & Vaping – A Critical Combination

Hydration & Vaping – A Critical Combination


Hydration & Vaping – A Critical Combination

Back in the beginning of vaping, before misguided but largely successful attempts to have vapers treated the same as smokers, banished to obscure locations in order to partake, early vapers would try to calm naysayers by assuring them that "it's only water vapor" forming the clouds they'd blow.

While a catchy explanation in its simplicity, vapor actually contains trace amounts of PG, VG, flavoring (which is why you can smell certain juices being vaped), and possibly nicotine. Still, the saying mostly holds true - *almost* everything you're exhaling is water vapor.

But where does all that water vapor come from? Obviously the amount of vaporized e liquid in your cloud isn't commensurate to the amount of e-liquid you're using – if so some sub-tank users would be refilling every three or four pulls!

Both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) have humectant properties – that is, they draw moisture to the surface, creating something called adsorption, the opposite of absorption (what a sponge or towel does to water). Basically, they're drawing moisture from within your body and adsorbing it in the form of your vapor cloud.

Because of this, vaping is naturally a dehydrating activity – that goes even if you're not being physically active, but more so if you are. For this reason, hydration is important not only to enjoying your vape, but for your health in general. The you hydrate the less likely you are to experience vapers fatigue and enjoy your e liquid to its full potential.

Are you already drinking your minimum half-gallon of water a day in addition to consuming other fluids like juice, soda, and/or cocktails? Good, drink more (water, that is, especially if cocktails are involved). Especially with the summer months upon us, it's time to not only get hot but get active – and consuming plenty of fluids needs to be a key part of your vaping regimen, just like keeping your coils clean and your tank topped up.