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Is 5% Nicotine A Lot?

Is 5% Nicotine A Lot


If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’re probably wondering is 5 nicotine a lot, and whether you should have more or less than this in your vape juice. It’s an important aspect to consider because different people have different tolerance levels for nicotine. 

If you’re a heavy smoker, then you’ll be able to tolerate more nicotine. If you’re a lighter smoker, then you’ll be able to tolerate less nicotine. That can make it a challenge to decide how much nicotine you should have in your e-juice. 

Lower Nicotine Vape Juice Guide


The answer can get quite complicated, but we’ve broken it down for you in this guide. Once you’ve finished reading it, you’ll have a solid understanding of nicotine levels, and you’ll know is 5% nicotine a lot.  

The sections we’ve included are: 

- How nicotine levels work 

- The nicotine strengths in vape juice 

- Which nicotine level is right for you 

- What are nicotine salts 

- The best salt nicotine e-juices 

How Nicotine Levels Work

Our first section is about nicotine levels and how they work. The reason they’re so crucial to get right is that when you’re smoking, a cigarette will have a certain amount of nicotine. Your body will get used to that amount and crave it once deprived of it. 

That means your vape juice needs to have enough to substitute for traditional cigarettes. Not only that, the feeling of vaping should feel similar to a cigarette too. That means picking an appropriate vaping device. 

Some e-juices have 0% nicotine, which is for those who want to quit smoking. Others have 3%, and of course, some have more than that. But to work out is 5 percent nicotine a lot, we’ll need to consider the strength of the nicotine. 

The Nicotine Strengths In Vape Juice

To figure out is 5 nicotine a lot, we need to compare it to other nicotine strengths. Nicotine strength is measured in milligrams per milliliter. Most of the time, the range of strengths will be from 0-36mg. 

This means that if you have a 30ml bottle of e-juice with a strength of 18mg, the total amount of nicotine in the bottle will be 540mg. Once you know this number, you can figure out how much nicotine you consume each day. Generally, vapers use 1ml daily, so that’s 18mg a day in this case. 

You can then look at the percentages to figure out how many milligrams make 5% of nicotine. The answer would be 50mg. That’s a very high nicotine level, and we’ll talk more about that in the next section. 

Which Nicotine Level is Right for Me?

As you’ll know by now, the nicotine level that’s right for you depends on how much you smoke. That will give you your nicotine tolerance. The more you smoke the higher it is, but to know specifically, you’ll have to test it and find out. 

It’s worth testing to see is 5 nicotine a lot for your body by trying lower strengths and working your way up. A rough guide is as follows: 

- 0mg means no nicotine at all 

- 3mg means a low level suitable for reducing nicotine consumption 

- 6mg means you’ll get the complete e-juice taste without being overwhelmed 

- 12mg is a good choice if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day 

- 24mg is good if you smoke more than a pack per day 

- 36mg and above give you more intense experiences 

That means the answer to is 5 percent nicotine a lot is that it is. Even if you’re a seasoned smoker and you smoke heavily, you’ll probably find 50mg of nicotine overwhelming. 

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts form in the tobacco plant, and the reason they’re used in vape juices is that they are the most effective way for your body to absorb nicotine. Some vapers even claim that using nicotine salts makes their vaping experiences easier. 

Another benefit of using nicotine salts in vape juices is that those juices are less harsh for the throat, making vaping more pleasurable. As a result, more and more vapers are choosing to use nicotine salt e-juices. 

Nicotine salts are not purely nicotine. They are bonded with other chemicals, but these have a beneficial effect on nicotine absorption and harshness. That’s why we’ve chosen to share some of the best salt nicotine e-juices with you in the next section. 

Best Salt Nic E-juice

There are countless numbers of nicotine salt e-juices available, even after you’ve learned is 5 nicotine a lot. Choosing one would take a lot of your time that would be better spent vaping. 

That’s why we’ve selected five nicotine salt e-juices to help you make a decision. We’ve provided an overview of each one and some pros and cons, and a link where you can find out more about each product. 

We’ve done our best to include variety in this list, but many more are available if you want to research further. 

Apple Peach Sour - The Finest Sweet & Sour E Liquid


Apple Peach Strawberry - Coastal Clouds Co. Salt E-Liquid 

If you like fruity flavors in your vape juice, you ought to pick this one from the Coastal Clouds Company. It combines a blend of apples, peaches, and strawberries, along with a nicotine strength of either 35mg or 50mg. 

You can get a bottle of 30ml for $14.99, which is a great price given the intense combination of flavors you’ll be benefiting from. 


- It comes from a reputable brand 

- It has a unique flavor that keeps you energized 


- The strengths offered are quite high 

Carousel - Innevape Salt E Liquid

The Berg - Innevape Salt E Liquid

If you want to go for the highest nicotine strength possible, this 50mg vape juice from Innevape will cover you. You can buy a 30ml bottle for $10.49, which is an excellent price for this nicotine strength. 

It has a pleasant and refreshing flavor that will keep you alert and aware while you’re vaping. It’s also got a mixture of sweet and sour flavors that will hold your interest. 


- The layered flavors make it intriguing 

- It’s good value for money 


- The primary flavor is Blue Raspberry, which you might dislike 

Lava Flow - Naked 100 E Liquid

Cotton Clouds - The Finest Salt E-Liquid

If quality is your priority, then you’ll want to consider Cotton Clouds. It lives up to its name and comes in a 30mg or 50mg option. You can buy a 30ml bottle for $17.99, which is reasonable given the quality.

It’s made professionally, and you’ll notice its intensity when vaping with it. The flavor is rich and tasty too. 


- It gives you two options for nicotine strength 

- There is a strong focus on quality and taste 


- You may not want to spend $17.99 on vape juice 

Strawberry Pom (Brain Freeze) - NKD 100 Salt E Liquid

Strawberry Kiwi - Salt Bae 50 E-Liquid

If you want a different combination of fruits compared to the first vape juice we featured, then you might like this one. For $14.99, you can get a 30ml bottle with 25mg nicotine strength. It combines the flavors of strawberries and kiwis, which makes for an exciting combination. 

You can opt for a 50mg version, but it’s not in stock at the time of writing. Still, it’s worth checking back, depending on when you’re reading this. 


- Suitable for those who want lower nicotine strengths

- It has a unique combination of flavors 


- There isn’t much additional information about this vape juice 

Vanilla Bean - Nitro's Cold Brew Salt E Liquid

Vanilla Bean - Nitro’s Cold Brew Salt E-Liquid

To grab a bargain when you’re getting some e-juice, you can think about the Vanilla Bean. It’s been reduced from $19.99 to $13.99 at the time of writing.

You can get a 25mg or a 45mg version, making it the perfect choice regardless of whether you want a higher strength or a lower strength. You’ll get a 30ml bottle when you buy it. 


- A decent choice of nicotine strengths

- A good discount from the usual price 


- It tastes much like coffee, which you might dislike


You should now know everything you need to regarding is 5% nicotine a lot. The decision is yours, but based on what we’ve written here, we’d suggest starting with a lower strength. Even if you think you can jump straight to a 50mg vape juice, it’s better to start lower.

If you’d like to know more about vaping equipment, e-juices, and accessories, then Breazy is the website you should visit. They sell high-quality vaping equipment, salt nicotine e-juices, and more. 

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