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How to Put Juul in Party Mode: 2 Ways that Work

Juul in Party Mode


Have you already discovered the party mode in your Juul? Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t advertise the party mode feature on the product’s user manual or the official website for unknown reasons. 

The device’s original manufacturer, PAX Labs, initially founded as Ploom in 2007, is a reputable player in the dry herb vaporizers industry. However, the launch of the JUUL® e-cigarette blew, and the product line became more popular than PAX Labs. 


Two ways to put Juul in party mode


Thus, PAX Labs decided to set up JUUL® as a separate entity in 2017. Even so, the design and the technology in Juul vaporizers are still a product of PAX Lab's innovative minds. So, Juul borrows the party mode feature from the original PAX Lab vaporizer.

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Another reason why the manufacturer doesn’t advertise the party mode feature is that PAX Labs made it an undocumented feature. The idea is that users find it to be more fun if they discover the part later. If you take a PAX Lab vaporizer and hold it sideways, then spin about three times, the party mode activates. 

The party mode features various entertainment functions, including playing games. This article discusses the Juul vaping device and how to activate its party mode in two easy ways. But before that, let’s define Juul party mode.

What is Juul Party Mode?

As the name suggests, Juul party mode is a feature that illuminates rainbow colors, accompanied by rapid flashes when activated. So, how does Juul party mode work? How do you start it without hassle?

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How to Put Juul in Party Mode

You can activate the Juul party mode on your device in the following ways:

The First Method of Putting Juul in Party Mode

Follow this procedure:

- Plugin your Juul device into a power supply and charge the battery to full capacity. However, it doesn’t matter whether your device has a whole pod or not, especially when you’re still practicing how to activate the party mode.

Take a deep hit or drug (same as inhaling) from your Juul until the indicator flashes a white light. If you don’t see the white light, you’ll need to take another hit.

- After noticing the white light, remove the Juul from your mouth. Then, hold the Juul in a tilted position, wave it back and forth (assume you’re waving a glow stick in a concert) until you see the indicator illuminating different colors.

- These rainbow lights will flash for a short period before going off. Then, if you want to power on the party mode again, you’ll follow the same process. Also, don’t forget that this method works well if you charge your battery to full capacity.

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The Second Method of Putting Juul in Party Mode

Follow this procedure to set the Juul party mode in your device permanently:

- First, you would want to plug your Juul device into a power supply and charge the battery fully. Again, it doesn’t matter if your device has a complete pod or not. Remember, you’re still a beginner trying to perfect the game.

Take a deep hit from your Juul device until you sew a white light on the indicator. If this light doesn’t show, you’ll need to take another deep shot or drag.

- With the white light glowing on the indicator, take the Juul out of your mouth. This time around, don’t wave the Juul back and forth. Instead, slap it against the palm of your hands swiftly but firmly to change the glowing white color into permanent party mode.

- However, some users say that the permanent party mode may fail to activate in the first attempt. In that case, you would want to repeat the above process until you see the party mode.

There you go! As simple as such. Now you can activate the Juul party mode with these cool tricks and fascinate your vaping buddies. You can also be a good pal and show them how to do it. You can also tell them to click here to buy high-quality Juul accessories.

However, kindly note that anything that involves slapping or whacking your Juul against the palm of your hand or even waving it in the air could result in permanent damage to your device. A vital part that can get damaged in the process is the internal motion sensor, making the Juul party mode obsolete. 

In that case, we are not liable for any damages that your Juul could sustain by employing the above tricks to activate the party mode. 

Also, the manufacturer will unlikely cover such damages in the warranty because the company doesn’t include the Juul party mode in the product’s advertisement or user manual.

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How to Deactivate the Party Mode in Your Juul E-Cigarette

All Juul vaping devices leverage motion-sensing technology to enhance user experience. Besides turning on the power mode, you can tap the LED twice to view the battery status. When waving or slapping your Juul device against the palm of your hands, this motion sensor locks to activate the party mode. 

In rare circumstances, the motion sensor might also lock even if you don’t move the product or intend to start the party mode. So, how do you take your Juul device out of the party mode, whether it's accidental or you did it intentionally? 

It's simple; slap your Juul device on a kitchen counter, and the party mode will switch off. But, again, this act might also damage your device’s components.

Why Users Prefer Juul Over Other Vaporizers

JUUL® is rapidly becoming popular in the vaping industry, a success it maintains since its flagship. Ideally, nearly 75% of vape users prefer this product to other atomizers. Just like other vaping products, the effects of the long-term use of Juul remain unknown. 

However, it has more incredible health benefits than traditional smoking, including lowering blood pressure and causing less congestion in the breathing airways. 

Also, Juul eliminates the foul odor and taste associated with conventional smoking. You can click here to buy high-quality Juul accessories.

Other features that make the Juul device stand out include:

Sleek Design

You don’t have to power on the party mode to fascinate your vaping buddies. It comes in an attractive design that looks beautiful even to non-vaping users. Even though there are relatively limited color options, you won’t lack an aesthetically appealing model.

- High Portability

When choosing a vaping device, you would want a highly portable product that quickly fits into your pocket without creating a bulge. 

You don’t need a case or a backpack to carry your Juul to the party. Moreover, the relatively compact design enhances privacy, especially if you want your vaping habits to remain a top secret among your non-vaping buddies.

Ease of Use

Some people don’t go back to their vaping devices because of a horrible first-time experience. That is not the case with the Juul vaping device. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, you’ll find it seamlessly easy to use. 

Every purchase comes with a comprehensive user manual detailing everything you need to know but the Juul party mode. Since we showed you how to put Juul party mode, you’ll explore all features within seconds of setting up your device.

Powerful Buzz

Lastly, you might opt for a Juul device because of its powerful buzz that gives unmatched satisfaction. Juul vaping devices work by heating liquid nicotine in capsules, popularly known as pods.

Inhaling the nicotine vape gives you the “powerful buzz” that stimulates your body. It is a pleasant, rejuvenating feeling that keeps you motivated and excited for the party.

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How Can I Clean My Juul with Ease?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for any vaping device if you want to enhance the product’s performance and longevity. Even though Juul is a high-quality product, it is still susceptible to dirt, lint, or dust accumulation, especially around the charging port. 

In addition, the dust can block the battery connectors, interfering with the electrical connection. Thus, your device may stop working or operate inefficiently. You can clean your Juul using:

A dry toothbrush

A dry toothbrush is ideal for cleaning the dust and dirt accumulation around the charging port. Please don’t use it on the inside as it can damage the delicate components. 

Instead, brush forth and back while blowing the smaller dust with your breath. You can also use a professional dryer to make the ports spotless after thorough brushing.

A cue tip

Using a cue tip is ideal if non-corrosive liquid spills into your Juul pod slot. 

Use a cue tip to wipe the area clean and dry before removing the pod from the Juul. 

Then, again, wipe the interior part of the canal before returning the pod. Remember to do this with extreme caution to avoid damaging the delicate internal components.

Wrapping It Up

Finally, you can now believe that the party mode isn’t fiction but a real undocumented feature that can help enhance your vaping experience with a Juul device. 

It only takes a couple of seconds to put Juul in party mode and literally one second to power it off by slapping your device against a kitchen countertop. Even so, we still can’t tell whether the manufacturer integrated the feature intentionally or if it is a mere glitch. 

Nevertheless, it is an excellent feature that will help you steal the show at the party if you get it right from the word go. If you’re looking for a reliable product, you can click here to buy high-quality Juul accessories.