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Refillable Cigalike or Disposable E-Cig?

Refillable Cigalike or Disposable E-Cig?

In the days of a cigalike-centric vapor industry, the level of choice available to vapers is nearly limitless. Between pod mods, refillables, and disposables, it's hard to decide which device is best for you. For the purpose of this article, we're going to focus on two favorites on the market: the refillable cigalike and the disposable.

The refillable cigalikes seems like a logical choice for most vapers. What could be better than having the ability to choose your own juice while still sporting a portable, easy-to-use vape? In all reality, however, pre-filled cigalikes, usually using a pod system, have become the go-to choice for many due to their no-mess, no-fuss, no-maintenance approach to vaping. The ease of use, availability of pods, and superb draw make them a favorite.

However, pod systems do have a few faults. For one, pre-filled pods are only available in a few flavor options. They also run out pretty quickly, and it seems like a waste to throw out a whole atomizer and tank after a single use. With refillable cigalikes, you'll get more usage out of a single cartridge and have a wider variety of flavors to choose from.

The refillable cigalike uses a disposable clearomizer - an open tank with a non-replaceable wick and coil. The clearomizer was created to make vaping easy and accessible, and it remains a terrific design years after rising to popularity. With the refillable, all you have to do is unscrew the top mouthpiece and fill the tank with the juice of your choice. Screw the top back on and voila, you're ready to vape.


When vaping a refillable e-cig, you'll want to stay away from ejuice with high VG content. This is because the thickness of vegetable glycerin makes it difficult to flow through the small wicks and coils of a typical cigalike. Therefore, you're best getting juice that has a high PG level, or at least a 50/50 blend - leave the higher-VG blends for more advanced and bulky tank systems with bigger wicks.

The main benefits of using a refillable e-cig are the choice and value that come with it. With pre-filled cartridges, you only have so many choices. Most only work with four to six different flavors, while refillables work with many of the thousands of different e-juices available. So if variety is more your thing and you are more of a flavor chaser, the refillable e-cig is for you.

The other benefit of a refillable is the value that comes out of it. Most cartomizers hold about 1 mL of e-juice. A 15 mL bottle of juice costs about $10 and a 30 mL is about $20. With that math in mind, a 30 mL bottle provides the same amount of vaping as 30 refill cartridges for a much cheaper price. The blank cartomizers you'll need usually last about eight refills before you need to throw them away.

Disposable e-cigarettes are a bit different than refillables. There are fully disposable e-cigarettes that sell for around $8 and last for a specified amount of puffs. Once they run out, you just have to dispose of. These are perfect for those just getting familiar with the industry, or for someone with absolutely zero interest in putting effort into maintaining their equipment. There's no fancy technology and no required maintenance. Just like a cigarette, you vape until it goes out and throw it away - you don't even need to bother with charging a battery.

Another device considered "disposable" is the non-refillable cigalike. Instead of throwing away the device once its empty, you simply discard the replaceable cartridge and add another. Think of devices like the JUUL or the Phix. These are extremely popular because they come closest to simulating a cigarette. The flavors that are available for each are satisfying, and the ease of use is top notch. Therefore, if you prefer a great throat hit and want to maintain that cigarette-like feel, the cigalike is made for you.

Refillable cigalikes and disposables are usually the first devices most ex-smokers start with. Their similarity to cigarettes and ease-of-use make them a go-to product and trusted by vape companies. If you're more interested in flavor options, the refillable is right up your alley. If you're more interested in a device that mimics cigarettes than look no further than the disposable e-cigarette.