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RTA Vs RDA Guide: Which Is Best?


Below is a guide to help you understand the difference between RTA vs RDA to select the one that works for you. The two are vaping systems with an atomizer, a power source. The user inhales vapor instead of smoke.


What is RTA?

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) is a rebuildable atomizer with a tank that holds e-liquid. There's no need to drip the wick as the reservoir keeps it wet manually. There are a variety of RTA brands offering different e-liquid capacities. The range is between 2 ml and 6 ml. If you are looking for a customized RTA, you will get it from various market styles.

RTA components

1. Drip tips

The drip tip is also known as the mouthpiece. It is a vaping device accessory that connects to the atomizer directly. It is hollow for effortless vaping. The drip tip comprises different materials, including Delrin, ceramic, and Pyrex glass. These are cool materials that ensure your lips are comfortable when vaping. There are various designs, colors, and diameter sizes to choose from based on your preference.

Aequitas 24mm RDA by Hell Vape

2. Top cap

The rebuildable atomizer has a metallic chamber cap that allows the vapor to pass through the drip tip as it's linked to the chimney. Unscrewing the cap at the top allows you to fill the tank with glass drippers and a unicorn bottle. Filling the tank to the top is more convenient.

3. Chimney

The chimney screws are on top of the chamber, while the chimney is part of the tank's top section.

4. Glass tube

RTA glass tubes are made of quality material such as Pyrex. The glass is resistant to high temperature and low thermal expansion rate. The deck and the top section hold the glass tube in place.

5. Chamber

The chamber has slots allowing the fluid to flow seamlessly to the wick—the chamber screws into place on top of the wick, coil, deck, and posts.

Geek Vape Ammit 22mm MTL RDA

6. The base and the deck section

The base and deck sections allow airflow to catalyze the heating juice and the coil. You can easily see their posts in the deck section.

Examples of RTAs

  • 1) Dovpo Blotto RTA
  • 2) Steam rave Glad Mini MTL RTA
  • 3) Oumier Bulk RTA
  • 4) Geekvape Zeus x RTA
  • 5) Innokin Ares 2MTL RTA

Advantages of RTAs

  • 1) RTA tank has a larger capacity to hold more e-liquid RDA.
  • 2) Using RTA is much easier than RDA and is recommended for beginners.
  • 3) Fewer drips are needed than in RDAs. RTA juice tanks are more convenient and save you from carrying the liquid bottle wherever you go.
  • 4) The use of RTA tanks is cheaper than sub-ohm tanks.
  • 5) Experimenting with coil builds is flexible when using an RTA tank.
  • 6) RTA components are cheaper than RDA, which saves you money.
  • 7) Require low maintenance

Disadvantages of RTAs

  • 1) Replacement or building of coils is required.
  • 2) It takes time to change the flavor in the tank since you need to empty and clean it.
  • 3) Tanks can leak if not wicked correctly.

Recurve Dual RDA by Wotofo

What is RDA

The rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) is the most popular vaping system used by cloud chasers as it has a large capacity to blow huge clouds. It produces pure and intense vapor. The difference between this system and RTA is that the user has to use dripping to drip e-liquid from the tank's bottle. After dripping, vape the juice off and drip more. It is easy to change flavors from time to time, as all is required is to change bottles. If you are looking for the best RDAs, visit our website for a variety of products.

RDA components

1. Drip tip

Drip tip allows you to drip e-juice in the atomizer directly. It's hollow and acts as a cartridge. To drip correctly in RDA, open the drip tip and find the location of the coil. On the coil, use a dropper and pour drops of the liquid. After the e-liquid placement, push the drip tip into position and take a hit.

2. Cap

Some RDA caps are removable, while others are not. It is easy to remove the top when dripping without removing the entire cap. It is also easy to replace it with different colors for personalization.

3. Posts

RDA systems can use different types of posts. For example, you can have three post-RDA or a four-post RDA. The configurations will depend on your vaping needs. It's also important to note that there are some postless decks.

4. Deck

There are a variety of deck styles you can use on your RDA. Examples of these decks include postless, velocity, genesis style, screwhead trapped Leads, T style, Genesis- RDA Hybrid, and many others. The RDA base part holds the deck.

5. Juices wells

The juice well is located at the bottom of the deck section and has the e-liquid. The wells vary in size and depth.

6. Coil

The coil is convertible to single, double, quadruple, and more. It is where the heating takes place. An RDA coil can last up to two weeks. It would help if you changed it to ensure the vapor production and the flavor is not lost. The longer you use the coil, the more the build-up on it. It only takes a few seconds to change the coil.

7. Wick

The wick is used to juice before itemization. The e-juice is absorbed by the wick when dripped in the tank. Wicks are of different types, and their ability is determined by how the e-liquid holds.

Doge v4 24mm RDA Kit by Congrevape

Examples of the best RDAs

  • 1) Hellvape passage RDA
  • 2) Wotofo profile mesh V1.5RDA
  • 3) Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2.
  • 4) Vandy vape mesh V2 RDA.
  • 5) Vapefly Holic MTL RDA


  • 1) RDA tanks don't leak unless too much liquid is dripped.
  • 2) It is easy to exchange liquid giving you a wide range of choices.
  • 3) RDA systems performance is stable.
  • 4) The system allows customization by building your coil.
  • 5) The coils and cotton are affordable.
  • 6) It is easy to manage and maintain an RDA system.
  • 7) RDA provides the user with a good experience due to the intense flavor and thick clouds.


  • 1) RDA has juice wells without e-liquid storage capacity.
  • 2) Beginners shouldn't start with this system due to the intense flavors and thick clouds.
  • 3) Drip the e-liquid continuously.
  • 4) The initial cost of the RDA tank is costly.

With the highlighted information about RTA vs RDA, you will choose which one is best for you. There is none better than the other since the choice depends on your vaping needs.