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Tank Overhang: Is it a Big Deal?

 Tank Overhang: Is it a Big Deal?


When it comes to mods, a frequent discussion among vapers is whether or not tank overhang matters, and if it does, how much?

First off, let's talk about what this "tank overhang" thing even is. Some modern atomizers, particularly RDAs but also some tanks of both the clearomizer and rebuildable variety, have grown so big that they're larger than the top deck of the mod they attach to. This creates a situation where there's a portion of the tank bottom hanging off the edge of the tank.

From a functional standpoint, tank overhang matters very little, therefore, it’s not that big of a deal. Your vape will still work great, the flavor will still be the same, your airflow will be as powerful as ever.

However, functionality is only one part of vaping. Lots of vapers, especially vapers with larger advanced mods, value aesthetics and a solid hand feel. As with most pieces of technology (looking at you, Apple purists), there’s something to be said about how a device looks, how comfortable it makes you feel, and how it reflects your own personal style..

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of functionality and aesthetics, and how tank overhang can be no big deal for some, but drive others up the wall.


Tank overhang happens, as we've said, when a tank or atomizer is wider than the body of a mod. This leaves a little bit of the tank to hang over the edge of the device. This usually occurs when you buy a new and larger topper than the one you had before. If you fit a large tank on a compact mod in particular, that will leave some overhang.

When it comes down to it, tank overhang doesn’t matter much if you only care about functionality. Tanks generally should work on most devices as long as your mod supports the resistance of the coil you're using. If your device is working at the proper wattage, a good airflow, and producing excellent flavor, than tank overhang shouldn’t really bother you.

That being said, issues could arise if you're trying to fit a particularly large topper on a very compact mod. In this example, you've got the makings of a setup that's fairly top-heavy, and thus prone to tipping over. If your topper has glass walls, this puts you at risk of breakage and could even be dangerous, but this situation really only applies to the most egregious examples of tank overhang.


The biggest factor to discuss with overhang is aesthetics. It can look really ugly. The larger the tank and the smaller the device, the more overhang. Aside from the obvious safety hazards (discussed above) with top-heavy devices, the way the device looks matters to a lot of vapers. Nobody really likes an ugly device and a lot of people find an improperly-proportioned mod hideous.

The problem isn't just a matter of looks, but also feel. Depending on how you hold your device or how it fits in your pocket, the sharp bottom edge of your topper can become uncomfortable if there’s a large amount of overhang. This is subjective and changes from person to person, from tank to tank, from device to device, but all the same, tank overhang generally feels awkward, especially if there’s a gratuitous amount of it.

Another issue is that some vapers can be a tad bit obsessive about devices having proper alignment. If you’re one of these people, tank overhang could be extremely annoying. To some vapers, this could be the most important factor that decides whether or not some tank overhang is acceptable.

There is, however, one potential solution that doesn't involve scrapping your mod or tank for something with a better fit. Many mods come with silicone sleeves, or you can purchase them as accessories. When you fit one of those on your device, hopefully it’ll widen the mod enough to make the overhang go away.

To recap, tank overhang isn't that big of a deal if your only concern is functionality. But from an aesthetic point of view, it can be a nightmare. Ultimately, it's up to you to determine your tolerance for excessively girthy tanks - and to check the measurements before buying a new device to ensure things match up nicely (if you care).