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Timeline of Making the Switch from Smoking to Vaping

The electronic cigarette is one of the great new products of the 21st century, being not only cool, but game changing. It has helped countless people finally quit their cigarette habit and, ultimately, it has the potential to save lives.


If you're considering whether or not to switch to vaping, wondering if you'll actually notice any differences, or feel any better, here's a timeline of what happens to your body after you switch from smoking to vaping.


Within the first eight hours, the oxygen levels in your blood will return to normal, leaving you more energized and healthier. This is because the vapor you'll be inhaling doesn't contain any carbon monoxide,which is released when you light a cigarette. Stopping smoking allows your body to detoxify any remaining carbon monoxide left in your body, leading to the levels of oxygen in your blood to return to normal levels.


After twenty-four hours, the remaining carbon monoxide will be completely removed. By this time, as well, your lungs will begin to clean themselves out and get rid of any toxic build-up and mucus that accumulated while you were smoking. This happens because you're no longer inhaling any toxic chemicals, allowing your body the chance to clean itself out. Since e-cig vapor doesn't contain any of these chemicals, you'll start to breathe better and feel better. Some people, though, experience a continued "smoker's cough" for a couple weeks as your body continues to rid itself of tobacco-related gunk.


After about forty-eight hours, you'll begin to notice that your sense of smell and taste are improving. This is because your body is getting the chance to repair its receptors within your mouth and nose that were damaged due to smoking. This doesn't happen while vaping, because there aren't any toxins being inhaled and damaging your receptors. With this newly regained perk, you'll even notice that your hands don't smell like smoke anymore, and your fingernails are starting to lose those yellow stains.


After seventy-two hours, your body will feel stronger than ever. By this time, many vapers state that their breathing has already begun to show improvement. Breathing is definitely easier compared to when you were smoking because you are no longer building up any tar, which was clogging and irritating your bronchial tubes. As these tubes become clear and relaxed, former smokers notice their energy levels increase and their comfort returns to pleasant.


After three to nine months, the coughing, wheezing, and shallow breathing will have reduced dramatically or gone away. Your lungs have been able to improve and repair themselves, allowing for clean, crisp oxygen to flow and rejuvenate your heart, blood, brain, and everything in between.


After five years, your chances of suffering a heart attack will have reduced by about half. The longer you don't smoke, the more your chances will decrease. If you've been vaping, you don't have to worry because e-cig vapor isn't known to damage heart cells.


After ten years, your chances of lung cancer reduce to about half, as well. This is because the e-cig vapor you're inhaling doesn't contain many of the carcinogens found in smoking. Your risk of a heart attack has also decreased to amounts equal to those who have never touched a cigarette.


If you've made it to ten years without smoking, the chances of you reverting back are very low. The longer you go without tobacco, the more your health will improve. Plus, your friends and family won't have to be exposed to the nagging and dangerous cloud of cigarette smoke around you.


The bottom line is that switching to vaping from smoking is a great decision. You'll feel healthier, stronger, and even richer, since the price of vaping is dramatically cheaper in the long-run compared to cigarettes. So, if you're considering the switch but weren't sure, this timeline should've shown the amazing transformations your body will go through, making you a happier and healthier person.