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Traveling Abroad: Vaping in Thailand

One of my professors is from Thailand, and speaking to her about my journey to smoking cessation through vaping resulted in an interesting conversation. While I thought the state of vaping laws in the United States was a bit confusing, with varying regulations throughout states and even cities and towns, it turns out vapers in the United States are not alone. After we finished talking, I found myself having more questions than answers regarding the state of vaping in Thailand. Since my teacher wasn't a vaper, she couldn't answer much, but recommended that I turned to the internet to seek out some specifics. Keeping that in mind, I began my research.


The Ban


In Thailand, a complete ban on vapes and e-cigs has been in place since 2014. But as vaping has become a popular option for smoking cessation, many travelers have found themselves in tricky situations overseas. With Thailand being under military rule for the past three years, there have been many changes to laws that tourists may not be aware of, one of which is the ban on vaping. Foreign Officials for England have made recommendations for British tourists taking trips to Thailand that include a strict warning to leave vapor products at home.


Vapes and refills are not allowed in Thailand, and simply possessing vape gear can be punishable by a ten-year jail sentence! Lesser punishments include fines for use, and five year sentences for the sale or supply of vapes and e-liquids.


What to do as a Tourist


If you're planning a trip to Thailand, it's important to be aware of the current ban. While your travel agent should be knowledgeable with regard to laws that could impact their clients, vaping regulations may not be something they're familiar with.


While there has been some discussion of this topic on Trip Advisor, it never hurts to reach out to public representatives who have relations with the country you plan on visiting. To help clear up the debate, one vape user contacted the Royal Thai Consulate in Los Angeles. After they left a long-detailed message with the Consulate, they received an answer the next day, no. Specifically, "No, you can't bring your electronic cigarette into Thailand. They are illegal."


Conclusion: don't take your vape gear to Thailand. And no matter where you're traveling, it's always going to be worth your while to do a little research in advance to make sure you're both safe and legal.