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What Is A Replacement Pod Cartridge?

What Is A Replacement Pod Cartridge?

Hello there, budding vapers! Today, we’re going to discuss one of the vape community’s most popular products for newbies and vape veterans alike. We’re talking about...pods.

We aren’t talking about pods to throw in your laundry detergent or the ones you sleep in. Nope, we’re discussing those little pre-filled pods vaper rock when they pull out their flavors.

What are they? Where did they come from? How do you use them? Don’t sweat it: Breazy’s going to give you a crash course on vape pods.

Birth of the Vape Pod


 Cool Melon Phix Replacement Pods - Phix

A few years after the original e-cigarette was introduced, early enthusiasts were hard at work modifying their products to craft a better, more powerful, higher performing custom "mod" device that suited their needs.

Seeing a clear consumer need for more power and more customization, hardware manufacturers began to create e-cig brands to meet high-end consumer desires without need for modification. There was one significant shortcoming overlooked amidst the revolution of ever-increasing power in big, bulky mod devices: most budding vapers didn’t want or need it.

The things you can do with a mod are cool, but learning to do them is a dumpster fire for newcomers. If you were just intending to quit smoking or wanted a simple e-cigarette...you didn’t want to be lugging your gear in a belt bag fanny pack.

Thus, the birth of pods and pod mod systems! Which leads us to...

What a Pod Is

In essence, a vape pod is that sweet in-between accessory in the middle of cigalikes and mod kits. Unlike disposable e-cigs, they come with a simple snap on/in the system, an assortment of flavors, and using them is easier than finding a boutique thrift store in St. Marks.

For non-New Yorkers, that’s very easy.  

Pod Pros

One of the best pros for pod systems is they are much, much more discreet than bulky mods. This makes them portable and easy to stock up on. You can also shove them in your pocket because most, if not all pods are leak proof and are tiny AF. Plus, there’s not much to ‘learn’ about using them other than snapping them in.

However, there are some caveats.

Pod Cons

The type of pods you can use is entirely reliant on the make and model of pod mod you use. So, no crossing streams among the labels. And that small size = fewer e-liquid flavor choices. Most pods on average hold from 0.5ml to  2.5ml, which for reference is roughly equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.

Another drawback is that the battery in your pod-style vape may die quicker as well, but that’s not due to bad craftsmanship. Because a cigalike uses smaller batteries, the longevity isn't as good as larger mods that use 18650 batteries.

And there you have it: the origin and definition of pods.

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