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What to Expect When Switching from Cigarettes to Vape

What to Expect When Switching from Cigarettes to Vape


By: George Kassimis


So, you've finally decided to replace your cigarette habit with vaping. Congratulations! This is a huge step that deserves some praise. By making the switch, you're already on your way to clearing your body of toxins, increasing circulation and oxygen flow, ridding yourself of the smell and taste of tobacco, and becoming an overall healthier person. Not only are you healthier, but you're also saving money!

This transition, though, isn't always the easiest one to make. Being one of the most physically and mentally demanding processes one can go through, breaking your tobacco habit is definitely a challenge, especially when you go through it alone. Don't worry, we're here to help! A support team, as well as guidelines, is essential for everyone looking to quit smoking. Below are a few points, suggestions, and ideas on what to expect when switching from smoking to vaping. We hope these tips can serve as your go-to throughout your transition process, leading to your better health and richer wallet!

Coughing: The Cleansing Process

As you begin to replace your cigarette habit with vaping, you're going to experience a few symptoms that most people deal with. The most common one is coughing. Yes, the dreaded annoyance that seems to never end and interrupts conversations, eating, sleeping, etc. Coughing is your body’s way of ridding itself of toxins and blockage, essentially cleaning out your airways.

Smoking cigarettes causes the build-up of tar and mucus on the tissue surface of your lungs and airways. The heavier and longer you smoke, the more tar and mucus accumulates. The vapor that is produced from heating e-liquid does not contain this tar, and therefore the blockage does not form. Within the first few days of using a vaping device, you may experience a frequent urge to cough. This is caused by the cilia in your lungs clearing the tar and mucus produced from the tobacco and coughing it out in the form of phlegm. This is not harmful in any way and is a good sign. For the next week or three, a morning cough is quite common – but you're probably familiar with that as a smoker, anyway. Eventually, that tar and mucus will be expelled from your body, and you will be able to breathe better, finally rid of the dreaded smoker's cough.

Tip: Increase your water intake, as this will speed up your body’s natural clearance and decrease coughing persistency. Also, vapor is created partially by absorbing moisture in your body, so the more you vape the more important it is to hydrate. If you experience any sinus congestion, a simple over-the-counter sinus medication will help you counteract any build-up.

Headache and Shakes: The Nicotine Fluctuation

Perhaps the most feared aspect of quitting cigarettes is nicotine withdrawal, as it is quite uncomfortable and painful. That is why e-liquid contains different strengths of nicotine in its content. But the fluctuation in the amount of nicotine your body consumes, and the different way it's absorbed with vaping as compared to smoking, might still cause headaches, shaking, and even nausea. This is because your body is being exposed to either too much or too little nicotine. The best way to combat this is by trying different strengths until you feel comfortable. Once you find that sweet spot, you may choose to slowly adjust your consumption downward.

Tip: Different cigarettes contain different amounts of nicotine, but their packaging won't list the exact amount. A good way to understand what your body is used to is to reference <a href="https://breazy.com/blogs/education/nicotine-options-for-new-vapers-selecting-a-starting-level">this handy guide</a> we put together to develop a starting point.

Dizziness: The Oxygen “High”

Smoking cigarettes decreases the rate of blood circulation to your brain and the rest of your body. Because of this, less oxygen reaches certain areas as your body prioritizes essential organs and tries to conserve as much oxygen as it can (this explains why you sometimes experience cold/numb fingers and toes). When switching over to vaping, the constriction of the blood vessels no longer occurs and circulation begins to increase. As your body is exposed to more oxygen, you may feel dizzy and lightheaded. This is perfectly normal, as it is simply your brain getting used to the increased amount of oxygen it was being deprived of. This should only last a few days. Another cause of dizziness may be that you are consuming too much nicotine. Nicotine can make you lightheaded or even queasy when consumed in excessive amounts, so it should be monitored.


Tip: If you find yourself puffing all day, try alternating between high and low nicotine strengths. Use a lower strength liquid most of the time, but keep a spare tank with some higher-potency liquid to swap out if you need to fight through a particularly strong urge to smoke.

Allergies: The PG Intolerance

When first exposing yourself to e-liquid, you may find that your body may have certain intolerances to the contents of the juice. The most common intolerance among vapers is a PG (propylene glycol) intolerance. This can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, and nausea. Do not let this discourage you, as it is very common. Most e-liquid crafters create VG (vegetable glycerin) based liquids to minimize PG content, so your options are still very much open in choosing your e-liquid.

Tip: Take a look at our <a href="https://breazy.com/blogs/education/e-liquid-allergies-what-you-need-to-know">detailed post</a> on the various sensitivities vapers may experience. While PG sensitivity is the most common, some vapers react negatively to VG – experiment to see what's best for you. Never feel afraid to inquire as to the PG/VG content of a liquid you're considering buying. Your health is the number one priority throughout all of this!

The transition from smoking to vaping can be tough, trying to go it alone can be even more difficult. Luckily, support systems are always available. Whether they be online, through friends, or your local vape shop, be aware that you are never alone and asking for help is what the community is here for. We hope these tips and guidelines serve you well and help you understand more accurately what the transition is like. Again, congratulations on your healthy decision and we are happy that you are taking the steps away from tobacco with us!