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What Vaping More Means for Smoking Cessation

What Vaping More Means for Smoking Cessation


It's no secret that countless research has shown that people have found success in their smoking cessation efforts through vaping. It's a topic we've covered heavily here at Breazy, and it's the reason we try to amplify calls to action issued by vaping advocacy organizations. While testimonials are great and have helped bring awareness to the issue, there is much more to be said about vaping as a means of smoking cessation.


I've seen many of my friends go out, buy a vape, try it out, and go back to smoking. Though I couldn't understand why they went back to smoking, I began to notice a recurring theme. They'd been using vaping in combination with smoking, alternating between the two. I started my cessation journey this way, until I was using my vape in place of smoking. However, my friends were not making the jump to that final step like I had. Looking back, I wondered if that's what led to their return to cigarettes. After doing a bit of digging, I had an answer.


New research conducted by Dr. David Levy, and his team evaluated the relationship between e-cig use and smoking cessation. The analysis of the survey found that smokers are almost three times more likely to abstain from cigarettes if they use a vape two out of every three days for a period of at least a month. Using a vapor device only occasionally will not be nearly as effective if you're using them most of the days out of the month.


Not only is vaping more effective in aiding your quit the more often you use your device, but with each day of e-cig use a smoker's chances of successful cessation increase, according to Dr. Levy. The research team looked at patterns of e-cig use and a formers smoker's abstinence of traditional cigarettes over a span of three months. The three month time frame is when most smokers trying to quit will find themselves coming back to traditional cigarettes. It was found that former smokers were 2.8 times more likely to remain smoke free if they used a vape twenty days out of the month. About one third of smokers who used e-cigs every day successfully quit, compared to only five percent that successfully quit only using their vape five to fourteen times a month.


When it comes to using a vape for smoking cessation, it appears to be based on how much you vape. The more committed you are to reaching for the e-cig instead of smoking, the higher your likelihood of kicking the cigarettes for good. The new research confirms what many have known to be true from their own experience, but also offers encouragement for those still working towards their smoking cessation.