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The Ultimate E Cig Liquid Buying Guide

E cig liquid is best enjoyed when you find one with a flavor that you love. Today, there are thousands of e juice flavors on the market, making it quite daunting task to choose the best one for you. This post will walk you through some of the key factors to consider when looking for an e cig juice. At the end, you will get to know the three best brands to give priority when purchasing your e liquid.



Nicotine levels:


As expected, different e liquids contain varying amounts of nicotine to help meet different users' needs and preferences. Some users may opt to use a nicotine-free e juice, however since nicotine is processed at a slower rate than one would experience with a traditional cigarette, vapers tend to chose nicotine levels considerably higher than they need to in order to experience a quicker rush. This is both unhealthy and dangerous. We usually suggest that ex smokers start at 12mg, with the goal of working your way down to a comfort zone as you get accustomed to how your body absorbs nicotine via vaping. The rule of thumb is that the nicotine of a vape takes effect anywhere from half an hour to an hour after usage. If you are using a sub ohm setup start with 6mg since sub ohm systems offer stronger output 12mg may be entirely too much. Over consumption of nicotine can be very dangerous so please pace yourselves and adjust accordingly.


Eliquid Ingredients:

Some of the most important ingredients that an effective e liquid should comprise include:


- Vegetable Glycerine (VG) - This is a plant-based substance that is mostly sourced from palm or coconut oil. It acts as the carrier for different flavors and even nicotine in the e liquid. Some e liquids use ethyl alcohol base in place of VG. 


- Propylene Glycol (PG- similar to the role of VG, this substance also acts as a base for nicotine and a majority of common flavors. 


- Flavors- usually, these are food flavorings added to enhance a particular taste. You will need to make an informed choice here.


- Nicotine- obviously.


Top 3 best industry e liquid brands:


Five Pawns:


Five Pawns e-juiceKnown for their premium and handcrafted products, this is certainly one of the most popular e liquid brands available on the market today. Their e liquids have very unique flavors and are brilliantly crafted to suit the needs of users seeking high-quality products. They offer their e juices in two separate lines namely the Signature series and the Mixology edition. Under these lines, Five Pawns produces ten classy e liquid with some of the most popular being Absolute Pin, Gambit and Bowden’s Mate among others. Their products are relatively pricy but certainly worth it.


Charlie's Chalk Dust:


This is another trusted brand known to produce amazing e juices today. Its Chalk Dust Dream Cream e liquid is arguably the most popular, offering users a delicious blend of fantastic flavors to makes it a truly delectable e juice. Others include Head Bangin Boogie, Peanut Butter & Jesus and Slam Berry among others.


Suicide Bunny:


This is a premium e juice line made in the US. The company is based in Texas and is known to create its e liquids from some of the best ingredients in the industry. Whether a novice or an expert e cig user, you will certainly be pleased by this brand’s dedication to providing complex flavors that will leave you craving for more. Some of its popular e liquids include Mother’s Milk, Madrina and Derailed among others.




It is important to understand that e cig liquid is the heart of any vaping experience. This means that utmost attention should be accorded when making your choice for this vital component. By following the guidelines outlined above, you can be sure of getting the best out of your e cigarette and vaping experience altogether.