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Top 5 Donut E Liquid Flavors

Today Breazy.com picks its top 5 favorite donut e liquid flavors. As donut vape juices become more prominent, the field will get more crowded. This guide will walk you through why these make our top five donut vape juice list and what you can expect from these great brands!


    5. Bloobies: When Doughboys Vaped Goods first launched they were one of the first ejuice brands to jump into the now-blossoming category of donut flavored e juice. Bloobies quickly stood out as a high quality blueberry donut e liquid that vapes like a champ. By targeting a max VG formula without sacrificing flavor, Bloobies helped debunk the myth that higher PG based e liquids had dominant flavor. Featuring a rich blueberry base with notes of glaze and grain, Bloobies became the go-to donut flavor for everyone. Bloobies makes our top five because of its price, quality, and overall value.


    4. Bluedoe: Bluedoe vape juice is the only donut flavor in the market that incorporates yogurt into its mix. Taking a blueberry base and combining it with yogurt gives this e juice a very creamy donut taste. Pairing it with glaze makes this one of the sweetest e liquids in the donut category. If you are familiar with Dripboy's vape juices you know they mix sweetness and fruit seamlessly. Bluedoe e liquid comes in a max VG recipe that makes it an easy all day vape that does not sacrifice flavor or cloud production. For its price, its incorporation of yogurt, and its amazing flavor, Bluedoe takes the fourth spot in our top five.


    3. D'ohnuts: For the first time ever jam has been introduced to donut vaping. This donut e juice takes a very unique jam flavor and builds a perfect donut around it. It doesn't just stop there - the grain base is nice and fluffy. Now take that perfect strawberry donut and dip it into a cold glass of milk. This results in an excellent donut e liquid profile with a milky base. Coming in at a max vg recipe, this vape juice truly has given us an idea of the possibilities with donut flavored vapes and how it is possible to incorporate jam flavors into e liquids. D'ohnuts makes our top five because of its very original and tasty approach to the donut category.


    2. DRPN Donuts: I know it's a brand and not a particular flavor, but deciding whether their blueberry or their strawberry wins the battle of the brand is impossible. DRPN Donuts vape juice comes in at 60% VG and 40% PG, providing less cloud production than the others but taking the flavors of its donuts to truly heavenly heights. DRPN Donuts e juice was the biggest surprise of ECC 2015 because once vapers and buyers got to try it they were locked for life. DRPN Donuts e liquid makes our top five for its quality and its incomparable flavor.


    1. Raging Donut: This e liquid has the most unique combination of flavors I have tasted in the entire donut category. Raging Donut takes an already perfect strawberry donut and combines it with notes of fruity cereal. Now let's take a deeper look at that: a perfect donut accented with fruity undertones of apple, orange, blueberry, and cherry. Raging Donut is a vape juice experience like we've never had before. Vape it cool, vape it hot, or vape it warm and you will get a different flavor experience going from one to the other. Very few e liquids have given us a modifiable flavor experience based on how we vape it. Raging Donut e liquid has been a ridiculously successful release because of its price, quality, and unique flavor experiences. This is why we’ve chosen Raging Donut vape juice for our top spot.