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Best Internal Battery Mods 2021


internal battery mods

Vape Mods are so-called because they are a variation on the classic vape pen or e-cigarette. Vape mods have been changed to integrate larger-sized batteries to dispense more power and hence more heat and larger tanks to allow you to vape for longer periods and make bigger clouds. 

Top Internal Battery Mods 2021


Modern vape mods also include varying complex functions that you won't find on your average e-cigarette.

To maximize your vaping experience, a decent internal battery mod is needed. Depending on the quality, current vape mod batteries often last 300 to 500 cycles. 

Most mods now operate on 18650 batteries. A cycle is defined as charging the unit to 4.2 volts and then decreasing the charge to 2.6-2.8 volts before recharging.

Suppose you've had to interrupt your vaping sessions because your battery is low, you possibly want to consider swapping to an e-cigarette or vape mod that uses an internal battery system. 

With plentiful options on the market, you may be wondering which are the best built-in battery mod. Here's a guide that may help your decision and make your vaping experience a more enjoyable and uninterrupted one.

Top Best Built-in Battery Mods

We will use the most commonly procured internal battery mods as a parameter to determine the best built-in battery mod. The most recurrently bought vape starter kits and vape mods indicate vapers' most favorite preferences. 

However, what you plan to achieve is a determinant too. Are you a beginner or looking for big clouds? Are you on a budget or looking for the most flavourful vaping mod? No matter your specific requirements, there's something for you. Here's a quick guide.

VooPoo Drag S 60W Starter Kit

#1: Drag Mini 117W TC Platinum Edition Kit - VooPoo

This starting kit provides superior characteristics that make it an incomparable purchase if you're looking for the finest internal battery mod. The 117W temperature control starting kit has a 4400 mAh built-in battery, making it an ideal mid-level wattage e-cig system.

While it lacks a display screen, the Drag Mini 117W TC Platinum Edition Kit – VooPoo's other benefits outweigh this trivial drawback. 

Overcharge safety, enhanced taste, balanced battery charging, and a temperature control system are among its focal advantages. A big firing button and a cloud mode are other features you can anticipate using this box mod.

When compared to other similar units, this mod is a little more expensive, though with good reason. This gadget has a long lifespan in terms of quality, a fantastic battery life, a 10-second timeout protection mechanism to ensure user safety. It is the greatest internal battery mod for cloud chasers.

Furthermore, its admirable temperature control system provides temperature guarantees that the box mod is protected from excessive and dangerous temperatures. It's among the less complex top-filling box mods to use and feels great in hand.

Vaporesso XROS 16W Pod System

#2: Luxe Nano 80W Kit With Skrr-S Mini Tank –Vaporesso

This is arguably one of the best internal battery mods from a firm recognized for dominating the vaping market. The inbuilt battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh and can provide power ranging from 5W to 80W.

This e-cigarette system contains some of the most remarkable characteristics that make it a powerful vape mod. A QF strip and mesh coil, no-load protection, short circuit protection, and burn protection are some of its outstanding features. 

Additionally, pass-through protection, overtime protection, and a big fire button are other attributes you might be interested in.

These safety features distinguish the Luxe Nano 80W Kit With Skrr-S Mini Tank – Vaporesso as a safety leader. It charges quickly and allows you to vape while attached to the charger

It's tiny and comfortable to hold. The device's display, though incredibly sensitive, is precise and can be relied upon to provide accurate information about your vaping experience.

Geek Vape Aegis Mini 80W Kit

#3: Geek Vape Aegis Mini 80W Kit

To ensure its durability, the producers built this box mod as a dust, water, and shock-resistant model, a combination of attributes that is difficult to find on the market. 

This is the most noteworthy internal battery mod because of its incredible compression, which ensures its lifespan. It is also quite portable.

This internal battery box mod comes in a variety of colors, so you're sure to find one that appeals to you. The e-cig system can handle 80 watts of power and has a built-in battery capacity of 2200 mAh.

Despite having a lesser battery capacity than most other top internal battery kits, the Geek Vape Aegis Mini 80W Kit charges quickly and can get an 80 percent charge in under 30 minutes. 

This is one of the most aesthetically appealing vape mods on the market, with the high build quality. Another advantage of the kit is that you may use coils from several manufacturers in the tank.

SMOK Novo 3 Pod Starter Kit

#4: Smok MAG Baby 50W TC Starter Kit

This vape mod is small and portable. It has a surprising number of capabilities for such a little and low-cost gadget. It contains a 1600mah internal battery pack that provides speedy charging and trouble-free power.

The Smok MAG Baby, 50W TC Starter Kit, supports variable wattage vaping from 1W up to 50 W and temperature control vaping, including all popular TC coil materials. It also comprises the TFV12 Baby Prince Tank, which is a flavor-chasing cloud creator, making it an excellent choice for beginners to vaping.

It's designed with a premium zinc alloy construction and provides over-discharge, over-heat, and short circuit protection. Its fire button has a trigger-like design. This vape mod supports stainless steel, titanium, and nickel heating elements. 

Additionally, it offers superior glass reinforcement, firmware upgrades that support micro-USB ports and gives access to a sliding battery bay.


SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit

#5: SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit

The SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit is incontestably one of the top ten best e-cigarette battery mods on the market. It boasts a big 3,000 mAh battery – more than enough for an entire day of vaping – and can output up to 45 W, reliant on the available battery life.

It features the same simple design as the former devices in the series, resembling a tube form with a tank attached, a fat version of a vape pen, and a single button for activation. The complementary TFV12 Prince tank boasts two 0.17-ohm coils, a hinge-and-lock top-filling mechanism, and a massive 8 ml juice capacity.

This vaper mod does not have a plethora of supplementary characteristics as some of the other mods on this list, but its long battery life makes up for it.

Smok Alike 40W Pod Mod Kit

#6: Smok Alike 40W Pod Mod Kit

SmokTech's whole product catalog is regarded for extraordinary eminence, with a plethora of vaping devices on the market. 

They provide units that strike a balance between innovation, durability, and functionality. They have a devoted following for their line of compatible accessories, all of which are made with the same notch of quality.

The Smok Alike 40W Pod Mod Kit is their most recent attempt at this. The design bears a resemblance to a tiny box mod, a huge boarded pod with a 5.5 ml capacity, & a 1,600 mAh internal battery. It can be replenished through a simple filling technique. It includes adjustable coils (a 0.8-ohm MTL option and a 0.4-ohm mesh included with the kit).

The pods for this device can carry up to 5.5ml of juice and are comprising of long-lasting PCTG (PolyCyclohexylendimethylene Terephthalate Glycol plastic) packaging material. 

The power output may be adjusted up to a limit of 40W, which is less than other mods but more than adequate for lower-power pod vaping.

VooPoo Vinci Pod Mod Starter Kit

#7: VooPoo Vinci Pod Mod Starter Kit

The VooPoo Vinci Pod Mod Starter Kit makes this list of the most acceptable built-in battery e-cig alternatives because it excels at pod-style vaping. Along with the 5.5 ml pod, the package includes five coils in a variety of resistances. 

When you insert a coil, the device advises acceptable settings. This allows you to alter between auto, manual, and puff curve modes, making it a perfect pick if you're new to vaping.

It includes a built-in 1500 mAh rechargeable battery with a power output range of 5W to 40W. It is built with an aluminum and plastic chassis, two points to adjust, a full-color display on the front panel, and a draw-activated firing system. 

The unit provides dry burn and intelligent coil protection. It looks like a blend of the vaper mod and the traditional pod-style unit. It also comes with a MicroSD port.

Vaporesso GEN Nano 80W Vaping Starter Kit

#8: Vaporesso GEN Nano 80W Starter Kit

The AXON Chipset in the GEN Nano Box Mod provides admirable software that is simple to use. It is akin to Vaporesso's earlier Gen series, which includes some superiorly performing, outstanding gadgets and functionality.

It includes a built-in 2,000 mAh battery that efficiently tolerates the device's maximum capacity of 80 W. Moreover, it has temperature control, a general character wherein the mod selects optimal settings unless you choose them yourself. An intuitive pulse mode fires in pulsations rather than a non-stop output.

The Vaporesso GEN Nano 80W Starter Kit provides a range of protection features. These include an ESD circuit shield, low power guard, low resistance protection, pass-through safety, burn protection, overcharge safety, an overtime shield, and no-load guard. 

The quick flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects generated by contact, dielectric breakdown, or an electrical short is referred to as electrostatic discharge (ESD).

This vape mod also comes with a micro-USB port and is compatible with titanium wire, stainless steel, and nickel. The soft-touch rubber coating makes it comfortable to hold. 

It offers many modes, including DIY, power Eco (the most energy-efficient), pulse, innovative TC (temperature control), and VW (variable wattage) modes.

How to Dispose of Your Old Vape Mods

When searching and identifying the best internal mods, you probably want to upgrade your current unit, that's if you're not a first-timer. It is imperative to know how to dispose of your previous vape mod. It is advisable not to dispose of it in the garbage or a landfill.

To prevent potential environmental pollution and human health consequences, we encourage vapers to verify local rules or contact local home disposal companies or recycling plants for conscientious reuse and management. 

You may also ask if your local vape shop would receive it and make sure that the recyclable components are put in use as many as possible.


Contenders for the title of best internal battery & rechargeable vape pens and vape mods are many. There are also quite a few excellent solutions not included in the list above. 

While those mentioned above are probably one of the best in the market and have earned their place, each one with its unique features, it is essential to note that the final decision is based on your particular tastes.

Just ensure that you are of age and aware of the potentially addictive chemicals contained in this product.