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The Best MTL Tanks: Mouth To Lung Tanks

The Best MTL  Tanks

In the vaping world, different devices dominate differing crowds. So, if you'd prefer something subtle, certain devices deliver on those expectations. However, unless you know which, decisions aren't as straightforward as you would like. Fortunately, we've done the hard work for you. In this guide, you'll find our favorite mouth-to-lung vaporizers.

Top MTL Tanks

Mouth-to-lung devices are a particular subgenre of the vaping world. Comparatively, they tend to be more portable. Plus, on top of that, you can refill their tanks.

This Year's Best MTL Tanks

Each year, a plethora of new devices enter the scene. Regardless, every time is very similar. Of course, among the new contestants, you'll find a few innovative introductions. Still, compared to the top contenders, few of those stand a chance. At this point, we've experimented with nearly everything around. So, with our well-developed expertise, we'd like to lend you a hand.

Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit - Suorin

First and foremost, we've got a rather simple device. While using this, it's hard to get lost. Designed strategically, vaporizers pummel the senses. In other words, after taking a hit, you'll taste each detail. So, when you change to a new flavor, it'll be noticed right away. Often, we've been disappointed by similar claims. This time, things seem as if they are much different.

Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit

Technical Features

- Size: 73 x 49 x 12 mm

- Tank Capacity: 2ml

- Battery Capacity: 300 mAh

- Resistance: 1.3 – 1.4 Ohm

Our Bottom Line:

By the time you fill-up the pod, it'll be ready for action. Plus, with such simplicity, you'll stay caught up. That way, learning how to use it won't be an obstacle. That said, from our experience, this is a phenomenal choice. Not only is it discrete, but it is rather powerful as well.


1) Ergonomic Shape:

If you'd like something easy to hold, then we'd expect this device to meet your needs. Furthermore, since it is such a comfortable thing to hold, you'll hardly want to set it down.

2) Two Juice Chambers:

Not to mention, you've got creative license over the flavor. Suppose you've got more than one juice that you love. If that happens to be the case, then you could place them both in this pod. That way, after pulling, you'll taste both of them.

3) Long-Lasting Battery:

Besides, how much good would a device be if it couldn't last for the whole day? In our opinion, that's an essential trait. Luckily, with this one, you've got nothing to worry about. One charge should be plenty.


1) Not the Most Durable

2) Doesn't Have Water Proof Properties

Suorin Air Plus 22W Pod Mod Kit

Suorin Air Plus 22W Pod Mod Kit

In some instances, something a little less stylish might be your preference. For those with such circumstances, we've got the perfect solution. Made by the same manufacturers, this vaporizer promises to redefine your experience. From our time using it, we'd say those expectations have been met. So, if you'd like something reliable, trying this out wouldn't be a bad idea. To us, it seems as if it is among the most consistent devices available.

Technical Features

- Dimensions: 93.2mm x 49.9mm x 9.9mm

- Battery Capacity: 930mAh

- Max Wattage Output: 22W

- Voltage Output Range: 3.3V - 4.2V

- Pod Capacity: 3.2ml

- Resistance: 0.8ohm / 0.7ohm

Our Bottom Line:

Liberalized expectations at the hip, you'll have to wait until you try this one for yourself. Otherwise, we'd struggle to do it justice. That said, Descriptions aren't as difficult to make as you would imagine. However, without first-hand experience, such words won't weigh much. Simply put, this thing works every time. If you've been let down by other manufactures, then it would be worth a shot.


1) Great and Consistent Hits:

Hitting your vape shouldn't be inconsistent. Fortunately, by using one of these, you'll never encounter anything like that. Instead, you'll always know what to expect.

2) Watch as the Juice Lowers:

Plus, by exposing the pod, you'll see the juice. That way, as you use the device, refills won't sneak up. Thus, once one of them is necessary, you'll be ready to act. At that point, burnt pods aren't much of an issue anymore.

3) Easily Change Pods:

Besides, even if it burns, replacing them is easy. Just pull the pod out and throw it away. Following that, you'll be clear to place a new one back in its spot. For us, that ensures those hits pull clean.


1) Sometimes, Pods Burn Before Finishing

2) Warranty Could Be a Bit Better


Smok Novo 2 25W Pod Mod Starter Kit

Smok Novo 2 25W Pod Mod Starter Kit

Occasionally, you'll find a new manufacturer worth investigating. In other words, from time to time, something new enters the scene. This time, the device doesn't make any promises. Regardless, after trying it for ourselves, we'd say our impressions are great. It's among the simplest vaporizers realized in recent memory. Plus, on top of its simplicity, it's got a great hit. That way, while you are using it, flavors feel prominent.

Technical Features

- Dimensions - 88.3mm by 24.5mm by 14.5mm

- 800mAh Rechargeable Battery

- Wattage Output Range: 6-25W

- Voltage Output Range: 3.0-4.0V

- 2mL Pod Capacity

- 1.0ohm Mesh Pod

- 1.4ohm MTL Pod

Our Bottom Line:

Perhaps, on some occasions, you'd like to use particular juices. With other vaporizers, you'd be limited by their resistance. However, by using this, you can just change the coils. Then, other juices vapor just as well. In other words, by using this paper, you've got a ton of freedom. Instead of sticking it to a single juice, you can choose from them all.


1) Multiple Coil Options:

So, suppose you'd like something capable of vaping anything. In those circumstances, your options could be rather limited. Nevertheless, thanks to this device, such limitations won't impede your journey. When you are ready to switch juices, replace the device's pod. That way, regardless of the juice, your vape hits perfectly.

2) Lots of Space:

Also, these pods tend to provide plenty of room. Simply stated, you'll struggle to blow through everything before the sunset. For us, long days at work are the norm. So, such an ample pod was more than appreciated. In fact, after trying one of these, we wouldn't settle for anything less.

3) Supreme Flavor Accuracy:

On some occasions, the apes won't hit as well as advertised. In those instances, most of the time, it's because of the coil. Luckily, with numerous coil options, flavors are always accurate. Otherwise, there is a simple solution. Simply change the coil to one that is more suitable. By doing that, each hit will taste its best.


1) Mesh Coils Burn Salt Nic

2) Avoid Puddles