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Best Premade Coils for Flavor in 2021

Best Premade Coils for Flavor in 2021


Do you love bold flavors and heavy clouds when vaping? If yes, premade coils are for you. Experienced users may prefer to use a homemade coil, but it consumes a lot of time, and the chances are that it won’t be perfect as a factory-made. 

Premade coils are rapidly becoming popular, thanks to their large surface area for vaping. These coils increase the surface area contact with your e-juice to enhance bold flavors and taste, unlike standard coils. 


Top Premade Coils for Flavor in 2021


Moreover, you can adjust the temperature settings to taste different flavor notes of your e-juice. The temperature settings also allow you to enjoy diversity in vaping since different flavors have varying power levels for excellent taste.

However, to have a good experience with the best pre-made coil for flavor, you need to go for the top-ranking market products. Besides high performance and durability, you would want a unique design with an aesthetic appeal. 

Remember, vaping isn’t all about chasing big clouds and bold flavors; it also involves elevating your status among vaping buddies. You would also want a premade coil that guarantees quick heating time, especially if you vape between busy schedules. 

We tested and reviewed the six top-ranking premade coils in 2021 and beyond. You can rely on this guide to point you to the best premade coil for flavor if you want to buy one.

Uwell Rafale X RDA

Mad Rabbit Premade Stainless Steel Coil Wheel

Are you looking for value and quality consistency? This premade coil pack is the overall best product in our catalog, thanks to its high quality and unparalleled ease of use.

You only need to patiently wait for your vaping moment, then install the coils, and you’re good to add your favorite e-juice. You don’t need to do further tweaking or customizations; everything comes ready.

Mad Rabbit brand is revolutionizing the vaping experience for amateur users. Installing these coils is easy, and you’ll even be confident to do it with your eyes closed.

Besides being DIY-friendly, these premade coils blend value and functionality. This set comes in two pieces to give back your money’s value in the long haul.

Forget about disorganized coils that will blow your cover if you prefer keeping your vaping habit a secret. This pack comes with an attractive, hand-held carrying case to enhance organization and portability.

The package contains quad, hive, tiger, and varying Clapton coil designs, giving you an endless variety of multiple vaping needs.

It is also worth mentioning that the stainless steel construction in the coils offers unparalleled performance, longevity, and durability. You’ll not spend hours waiting for the coils to gain maximum temperature.


- Handy carrying case

- DIY-friendly

- Stainless steel coils


- New product; no customer reviews yet

Freemax Fireluke FireLock Coils (3 Pack) - Freemax

Premade Assorted Kanthal Coil Wheel

This assorted coil wheel is ideal for super busy users who appreciate the convenience of quenching their vape thirst in a matter of minutes.

Having a repertoire of premade coils means no configuration, customization, or whatsoever when loading your build. Briefly, you’re going to have a much more streamlined and simplified vaping experience.

What makes this kanthal coil wheel so unique? Imagine a vaping experience at higher temperatures of up to 1400° C. That means you can enjoy authentic, bold flavors from your e-juice and create massive clouds that are hard to ignore. If you usually vape with your buddies in the same room, this product will make you stand out.


- 1400° C maximum temperature range

- Top-notch quality design

- A handy carrying case included


- Kanthal style application only

SMOK Baby V8 Mesh Replacement Coils 5 Pack - SMOK

Coil Master Skynet Coil Kit

Coil Master Skynet Coil Kit comprises up to eight premade coils, all-in-one, giving you a unique vaping experience never achieved before. If you’re a passionate vaper who loves to try new bold flavors, this prebuilt coil pack is for you.

The eight premade coil designs include super tiger, fuses Clapton, twisted Clapton, Tortuosity, flat Clapton, and interlock Clapton.

The pack comes in a high-quality, hand-held carrying case for organization. Vaping moments will no longer be the time to look for accessories because you’ll have everything in the same place.

Moreover, the black finishing gives the pack a sophisticated look. It will always elevate your ego and status in the company of your vaping buddies.

These premade coils are ideal for both beginners and experienced users. If you’re an amateur, you can go for 0mg nicotine strength, ideal for trying other flavors. Experienced users can add 3mg or 6mg nicotine e-liquids with ease and precision.


- Ideal for beginners and experienced users

- Interlocked and twisted Clapton coils

- 48 coils in total


- Relatively expensive price tag

Coilart Prebuilt Coils - Coilart

Coilart Prebuilt Coils

If you’re an ardent vaper, you understand how frustrating it can be if you have to build a coil for endless hours before enjoying your nicotine hits. Moreover, the high chances are that you won’t get it right most of the time. Coilart prebuilt coils are here to fix that nuisance for you.

This coil pack takes your vaping experience to another level with no time spent on configuring wires. Any aesthetic tweak that you prefer comes preconfigured.

Whether you’re chasing clouds or flavor, Coilart's prebuilt coils will help quench that quest. This brand delivers a wide variety for your RDA, RTA, and RDTA builds. You can either choose the five or ten-pack model, though each contains the same wire design. 

For instance, 10-pack products mostly feature Clapton twisted and 316L SS 24/ 25 gauge coils, while the 5-pack comes in fuses Clapton, 0.2-ohm coils.

This coil set comes from Primitive Vapor Co E-liquid, a trusted player in the vaping industry. Even though the manufacturer doesn’t give details on any money-back guarantee, we are confident that you won’t need to return this product. You’ll always want to purchase more, thanks to the unmatched simplicity they come with.


- Great pack for money value

- Compatible with RDTA, RTA, and RDA builds

- Ideal for clouds and flavor


- No twisted wire configurations

8 In 1 Prebuilt Coil Set - Demon Killer

Demon Killer 8 in 1 Prebuilt Coil Set

Primitive Vapor Co E-Liquid is a reputable brand, pretty forthcoming with customizable vaping experiences. If you want to set high standards in a room with other users, this set of eight premade coils is the go-to option. 

Forget about the time-consuming trouble of fixing wire configurations during installation. This set comes pre configured with everything for the most precise and consistent use, whether you’re an amateur or experienced user.

The exotic, high-quality design guarantees bold flavors within a short heating period. The downside of most premade coils is that they take a little bit longer to heat, but not this pack from Demon Killer

The design is ideal for closed and open box configurations, giving you nearly endless vaping opportunities and applications.

It is worth mentioning that each set of the eight packs contain an assortment of six premade coils. Thus, if you’re looking for a brand that gives back your money value, Demon Killer tops the search. 

You’ll also enjoy mixed twisted coils that offer the largest burning surface area for your favorite e-juice flavor.

Generally, these premade coils take your vaping experience to the sky. It is worthy of inclusion in your collection of vaping accessories.


- 8 in 1 prebuilt coil

- Preconfigured wire settings

- Built for longevity and durability


- Ideal for experienced users only

Kanger SSOCC Coils 0.5 Ohm (5-pack) - KangerTech

Kanger SS OCC Coils

Lastly, you might consider these 5-pack premade coils from the KangerTech brand. It is ideal for nicotine juices of 3mg and 9mg concentrations, giving you instant, bold flavors to quench your daily nicotine thirst. 

The best part? These prebuilt coils have a resistance of 0.5 ohms to guarantee a stable vaping experience for both amateurs and experienced users. Briefly, this pack has a higher performance than standard kanthal coils.

If you prefer aesthetic preferences, the Kanger SSOCC coil set is your go-to option. It comes in a new patented design that looks beautiful. Be ready to get compliments from other users every time you take a nicotine hit. Most importantly, you’ll never feel ashamed to bring it out. The shiny alloy material gives it an executive look.

The coil design is circular, offering better wicking to create more room for your e-juice. Besides increasing the surface area for heating, it allows you to enjoy large quantities, unlike standard coils. 

Thus, experienced users will find this feature helpful. It is compatible with nearly all famous brands, including TOPBOX, Subtank, Nebox, and Subtank Nano.

You’ll enjoy a sturdy hardware construction built for longevity and durability. Generally, this premade coil is worth every buck you spend on it.


- New patented coil head design

- Pure taste

- Value pack of 5 SSOCC coils


- Poor-fitting for amateurs

The Bottom Line

If you want to redefine your vaping experience, premade coils are the way to go. All the prebuilt coils featured on this buying guide are pretty forthcoming in quality consistency and high performance. However, each brand is unique. 

You need to choose the one that matches your specific needs and aesthetic experience to get a customized experience. For instance, going for a pack with numerous prebuilt coils sounds like the best plan if you prefer value. You can click on individual product links to purchase directly from the authorized vendors.