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Home For the Holi-Yays! Best Movies for Vaping this Season

Home For the Holi-Yays! Best Movies for Vaping this Season


Eggnog? Check. Peppermint Patty E-Liquid? Check. Friends who break free of family obligations and come over to your house instead? Check. The only holiday to-do item outstanding on your checklist is deciding what movie to hunker down to this Friendsmas.

Well, if you’re not playing the Millennial version of Monopoly or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, chances are you’re watching the small screen in someone's living room.

Rather than scour the Internet for ‘harmless holiday movies’ or ‘Top Ten Holiday Films’, your pals at Breazy have you covered with our collection of recommended holiday films to vape to (or not.)

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Depending on your age it’s either ‘Why are we recommending an old black-and-white film that my grandparents are into?’ or ‘Didn’t the guy in this movie try to kill himself on Christmas Eve’?

The answer to both is, yes. But it’s a lighthearted, classic feel-good movie that reminds the do-gooders out there that their actions have an impact on the world around them. And that their place in the world has meaning beyond what they could ever know. It’s one of the most loved films in American cinema and a mandatory Christmas-season watching ritual in many households. Keep the tradition alive and stream it this holiday season.

So far, there are three versions of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas: the 2D original, the live action movie, and the latest, Illumination Entertainment’s 3D animation adaptation.

The debate about which one is greater always comes up (we actually advise watching all three in order to have an informed opinion). But we would suggest the Jim Carrey variant for one key reason: the Whos.

Now, bear with us here. Most people who have seen the movie hate the Whos at least as much as, if not more, than the Grinch. Why? “Because they aren’t like the Whos in the original! They’re greedy and competitive and materialistic, and only care about gifts.”

Sound familiar? It’s clear that the Whos are a representation of the modern mentality of certain people who only partake in the materialistic part of Christmas instead of getting to the heart of it. A great watch for self-reflection and a way to determine ‘who’ you are in the chaos of the holidays. Are you a Who? A grinch? Or none of the above?

So many versions of a Christmas Carol to choose from. So little time this holiday season. Muppets. Disney. Disney again. All Dogs Go To Heaven (throwback!). Looney Tunes. The 1984 movie. Sesame Street. The Smurfs.

You all know the story. It’s a matter of whether you prefer humans or puppets or dogs or little blue forest creatures rocking big white hats.

For those who are a tad bitter that Halloween was eclipsed by the onslaught of Christmas, here’s a cathartic experience for the frightful Christmas lover.

As the movie that arguably put Tim Burton on the map, this flick entertains what would happen if the king of one holiday took over another holiday? Such as...if Christmas was taken over by Halloween?

Hilarity ensues in the greatest combination of two very opposite celebrations. It’s  a great lesson in why sticking with what you know might be a good choice for you. And for everyone else.

How can we not recommend Elf?! This is the perfect film for the friend who cares A LOT about Christmas and for everyone to remember the best holiday meme source of all time.

Will Ferrell is the OG charmer in this film about an elf who tries to bring Christmas cheer to his estranged, human (and selfish) father. Equal parts hilarious and heartwarming, this movie touches hearts and funny bones.

Ok, so this may be a film you’ve seen at a tender age and didn’t connect to back then, but we say it’s time to give it another shot.

Long story short, a lawyer has to prove in a federal court that a Macy’s Store Santa Claus is the bonafide, one and only real St. Nick. Because the guy actually claims he is Kris Kringle...amidst the scrutiny of the public and the skeptic mother who employed him.

The court case provides the backdrop for a poignant question that still holds true today: is it harmful to believe in make-believe things such as Santa? We won’t spoil how it ends in case you forgot, but guaranteed this classic will deliver that whimsical feeling straight to your heart.

You thought we wouldn’t recommend every kid's dream and every parent’s nightmare? Please, have faith!

Seeing Macaulay Culkin fend for himself is a great reminder of how self-sufficient we can all really be.

Granted, the robbers probably could’ve gotten killed in some of Culkin’s traps, but what did they expect? The kid’s from Chicago: that’s basically the NYC of the Midwest.

Even in what’s considered a B-movie, Queen Latifah can do no wrong. This story follows a kind-hearted retail worker who’s always played things safe until she finds out she only has weeks to live due to a terminal illness. She decides to live her life to the fullest by taking off to a European resort, eating at the fanciest restaurants, and partaking in all the indulgences she put off until death came knocking at her door.

But it’s really the lead character’s grateful and well-natured demeanor that makes this the most wholesome form of flexing we’ve ever seen on TV.

Enough of the mushy stuff about Christmas, you say? Fine, we got you. Nothing says raunchy humor more than Eight Crazy Nights, the one holiday special notorious for its crass humor, dialogue, and being the most famous Hanukkah movie of all time.

...Ok, that sounds terrible in hindsight. But the sheer low-bar humor of Adam Sandler can be a good launchpad to watch something a bit more substantial. Like…

Don’t get confused. Die Hard IS a Christmas movie.

Honestly, if you don’t like happy camper feelgood flicks and just want an action movie, but still want to honor the holidays, look no further than Die Hard.

New York cop John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) comes to L.A. to pay a visit to his estranged wife, who is being held hostage in a terrorist heist. No further explanation needed, enjoy the snappy one-liners and exploding things.

Maybe you love ‘em, or love to hate them, but if you’re looking for that ‘classic Christmas card’ vibe, then look no further than the Hallmark Stamp of smarmy whimsy.

We like to say: “A Hallmark Movie is like a Disney Channel Original Film made for Adults...Like Your Parents.”

Last year they had a movie premiere almost every day of the month. Now they’re pulling out all the stops for their latest new film, Christmas Everlasting, which features an all-black lead cast. If you're wondering why that’s such a big deal, we suggest undertaking a marathon of all the holiday movies with that point in mind.

For those who really want nostalgia, any of the claymation holiday specials will quench your throwback thirst. These stop-motion animagic versions of the classic Christmas tales, like Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa Claus will have you humming a merry tune for days after viewing.

Is claymation too nostalgic for you? Ok, how about a more recent(ish) throwback?

Charlie Brown, a good guy with an oversized bald head who can never catch a break, decides to direct his school’s Christmas play only to discover the true meaning of Christmas. A short special, but one that effectively hammers home what the eggnog season is really about without losing the religious connotations.

Plus, you and your crew can all dance it out Peanuts style!

Happy Vaping and Happy Holidays!