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How To Clean Your Vape Tank in Six Easy Steps

Breazy - How To Clean a Vape Tank

How To Clean Your Vape Tank in Six Easy Steps

Have you ever thought about how important it is to keep your clearomizer clean? If not, maybe it's time you did – after all, it's the part of your vape that you put in your mouth dozens of times a day.

Keeping your tank clean is a simple way to ensure you're getting the best flavor and performance out of your vaporizer, and it's really not that difficult. Let's look at a few simple actions you can take to ensure you're getting the cleanest, most satisfying vape possible.

1. Clean your drip tip and tank exterior regularly

The drip tip is the detachable mouthpiece that snaps into the top of your clearo. Since this is the actual piece you're putting in your mouth, you really want to make sure it's free of pocket lint and other undesirables. Luckily, cleaning is easy – pop the tip off and wipe it down, rinsing with warm water if needed.

You may occasionally get a tiny bit of liquid, or vaporized liquid that re-forms as droplets around the outside of your tank or on the top of your mod. A paper towel or soft cloth can wipe away any splatter you might encounter between more thorough cleanings.

2. Stay on top of coil maintenance

Most modern clearomizers use disposable atomizer units, or "coils." Rebuildable tanks have a more involved cleaning/refreshing process, but with disposable coils the only thing you can do is change them out when the wicking has become saturated with un-vaporized liquid that builds up on the coils. Depending on how hard you're vaping (and the type of flavor you're using), a coil could last anywhere from a dozen tank fills to 30 or more before needing a change – if you're not getting the flavor or vapor production you've come to expect from your vape, it's probably time for a change.

Since you'll need to open your tank up to get at the coil needing replacement, now's a great time to dive into a more thorough cleaning regimen…

3. Disassemble your tank

Other than the drip tip that's held in place with a rubber grommet, most of the pieces of your tank are held in place by metal threads. You can simply unscrew all of the pieces, then carefully pop the glass globe off of the metal end caps – it's held in place by more rubber bushings.

Nothing on your tank should ever need to be threaded more than hand-tight, but sometimes sticky components may be a little difficult to unthread. If your tank seems locked together, take it off your mod and throw it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. The cold will cause the metal to contract slightly, usually giving you the extra edge you need to break sticky threads loose. If that doesn't work, here are a few more tips.

4. Inspect for damage

With all the pieces apart, it's time to make sure everything is in ship-shape. Take a close look at the glass globe, inspecting for chips around the edges or cracks. These can not only be the cause of leaks in the future, they pose an injury risk as well.

Inspect the rubber o-rings, looking for tears, stretching, or other signs of wear. Feel the threads where metal components screw together, making sure there are no burrs or debris that would prevent you from threading them back together properly.

If any of the components of your tank look damaged, check the box it came in – manufacturers will usually provide some spare bits of rubber and at least one extra globe, so you can easily replace anything that's damaged or worn. If you don't have these parts or have already used your spares, contact your tank's manufacturer – they usually have replacements available that are cheaper than buying a new tank.

5. Scrub a dub

Using warm water and a mild dishwashing soap, wipe down all of the individual components of your tank. Make sure to use plenty of clean water to give them a thorough rinse after cleaning, rotating any moving parts like a sliding airflow ring to make sure everything is nice and clean, then set your pieces out to dry on a clean cloth.

6. Reassembly is reverse of disassembly

Once everything is clean and dry, install a new coil and carefully thread the other parts of the tank back together, making sure not to cross threads. Remember, everything should go together easily and soft hand pressure is all you need to connect the components – if it feels hard to thread, back off and try again, don't try to force it.

Remember to follow the steps for properly priming a coil to make sure it breaks in properly, ensuring the longest lifespan possible.

This whole process should take no more than five or ten minutes, and we think you'll agree that the simple effort of keeping your tank nice and clean is a wise investment in securing the best possible vaping experience.