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New Year, New Life: Making the Switch in 2019

New Year, New Life: Making the Switch in 2019

If you’re still smoking, read this. If you love someone who’s still smoking, read this. If you’re friends with someone who is still smoking, read this. If that guy, Ed (?) in your office who you barely know is still smoking, read this.

You still with us? Good.

Because now might just be the perfect time to switch to vaping.

Everyone gets inspired to start off fresh when the New Year is upon us. And Breazy wants to add some extra motivation for you to kickstart 2019 into a smoke-free year.

Here are some tips (and devices) to make it easier for you to switch or to help someone else to. Maybe you can even recruit a fellow smoker and support each other in making the switch together.

Here are some tips on how to make a successful change in 2019.

Get/Give Support

People who feel supported are more likely to give up bad habits for good ones than someone who goes it alone. You are lucky to have people in your life who support you. Reach out to them for help. Likewise, the people in your life are fortunate to have you supporting them. We highly recommend drafting someone to the cause who has already replaced smoking with vaping. We bet you can find someone. There are a ton of us out here.

Start the Conversation

Be brave and broach the subject. Either tell a loved one you are ready to make the switch. Or conversely, tell a loved one you would like him/her to make the switch. We can’t tell you whether a soft-handed or more direct approach will work best. But what we do know there are certain things that NEVER work: Nagging, yelling, lecturing, disregarding feelings, getting frustrated, throwing out someone’s smokes or talking at someone instead of listening to the person. None of these are effective tactics.

Since people understandably don’t like being confronted about a habit they are probably ashamed of, here are a few techniques that are more likely to work:

  • Have the talk in private; tell the person you care
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Listen
  • Write a letter if you think you are likely to get angry in a face-to-face conversation or if the other person is prone to getting defensive. Don’t discount what a meaningful gesture that can be in this era of text messages, emojis and clipped cell phone conversations.

Learn About Alternatives

In a perfect world, we would all quit cold turkey. But odds are, you or your loved ones have already tried that and failed. Nicotine is highly addictive and it’s a nasty experience to quit all at once. If you or your loved ones have tried other methods and they haven’t helped, this is the point where you can consider offering up vaping as an alternative. What is vaping? In the broadest sense, vaping is an activity originally designed to replace conventional smoking. Using a battery-powered device, a liquid form of nicotine and flavor is heated until it forms into a cloud of steam that's inhaled and exhaled, offering a similar experience to smoking, but minus the fire, smoke and burning parts. Click here for our vaping education section where we offer answers to any questions you might have about vaping.

Consider Vaping’s Upsides

Millions of people have made the switch. The upsides are many. The most commonly cited positives by those who’ve converted are the cost savings, vast selection of flavors, stealthiness and yummy smell (as opposed to stinkie smell). There’s also the fact that many national health organizations have come to the conclusion that while e-cigarettes are not risk-free, and their long-term effects are not yet known, they are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. The American Cancer Society, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, government of the UK and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have all come to the same conclusion.

Buy a Vapor Device

If you are open to trying vaping, we suggest you make the initial investment for yourself or your loved one. A vaping device could be a nice break from perfume or pajamas. It’s certainly a thoughtful gift, not to mention an original one.

[Pod Mods We Recommend]

That said, yes, we know the amount of device choices out there can be overwhelming. To start, we highly recommend these for beginners: The SMOK SLM 16W Pod System by Smok; Infinix Pod Mod Kit by Smok; Eleaf Icare 2 Kit; and the Nord Pod System Kit by Smok.They are so user-friendly you can pretty much pick one up and start to use it. No muss no fuss. Ex-smokers agree they best mimic the feeling of a cigarette, which is why they are so popular among newbies.

[Starter Kits We Recommend]

You might want to also consider a starter kit, which take out any guesswork by including all the components you need to get going immediately. Here are our recommendations: The Odyssey Mini 50W Kit by Aspire; Whirl 20 AIO Starter Kit by Uwell; NS Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit by Vandy Vape; HiFlask 2100mAh AIO 40W Starter Kit by Wismec; and the G-Priv Baby 85W Starter Kit by Smok.

Find a Healthy Activity

Besides just switching from one form of nicotine delivery service to another, why not also work on improving your overall physical and mental health through exercise. We’re gonna go out on a limb here and assume you or your loved one are probably not that into fitness if you’ve been smoking all these years.

Establishing an exercise routine actually prevents people from falling off the wagon because those who have healthier lifestyles are less likely to smoke. (No duh.) If exercise is simply a non-starter, maybe mediation might work. It’s a form of self-care that doesn’t require jumping around and sweating, but it has been proven to alleviate stress, which is a known trigger to pick up a cigarette.


We know lots of people who’ve switched to vaping, but we barely know anyone who did it flawlessly. You might slip up here and there on the journey and that’s OK. At least you’re on the journey. Recognize the small successes and don’t focus on the mistakes.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. May your 2019 be smoke free!