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Survey Cites Popular E Liquid Flavors

Survey Cites Popular E Liquid Flavors

Most popular vape flavors

When you put tobacco-flavored e-liquids up against fruity and dessert flavors, tobacco gets trounced, a study has found.

The expansive survey shows that sweet juices are heavily favored over their tobacco-flavored counterparts. Fruit, dessert and candy flavors were the top choice of a whopping 89 percent of those surveyed. Tobacco, meanwhile, came in at 2 percent, beating out coffee and mint - and that’s about it.

The survey was conducted by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos in response to a request from the FDA for comments on the use of flavorings in e-liquids. The doctor ended up assembling one of the most comprehensive data sets we've seen to date addressing the topic. Farsalinos' survey is impressive in both size and breadth. The online questionnaire was completed by over 69,000 American adult vapers, making it one of the largest consolidated efforts to research vapers’ e-liquid preferences.

The FDA’s appeal comes after months of warnings about the effects of flavored e-liquid on vulnerable populations, which resulted in the passage of a city-wide ban on flavored e-liquids in San Francisco in June.

In looking at the role flavors play for everyday vapers, Farsalinos' work confirms something the vapor industry has known for a long time: non-tobacco flavors are popular among both new and old vapers, and they can even play a pivotal role in the cessation process.


Dr. Farsalinos

In a post to his blog, Farsalinos notes that his survey, taken at face value, counters studies that have been used to justify increased regulation of flavors. He also argues that the survey proves flavor variety is virtually indispensable to the success of vaping as a smoking cessation tool. According to his polling, 89 percent of respondents said that they used vapor products to help quit cigarettes and 78 percent emphasized that they use products because they've found flavors they like.

“In brief, we found extensive use of non-tobacco flavors among all smoking subgroups, including former smokers who were using e-cigarettes at the time of smoking cessation,” Farsalinos writes. “Similar patterns were observed not only at e-cigarette use initiation but also at the time of smoking cessation and at the time of survey participation.”

“Fruit and dessert/pastry/bakery flavors were the most prevalent choices of the adult established, dedicated US e-cigarette users who participated to this study. The same flavors were also considered particularly important in their effort to quit smoking and to prevent relapse to smoking,” Farsalinos concludes.

If you'd like to review the full survey findings, you can do that here.

For background, Dr. Farsalinos is the Greek cardiologist and research scientist who, since long before most of us had ever heard of vaping, has been exploring the medical implications of the practice. We've covered his work before, such as this study finding that most regular vapers are ex-smokers, or this rebuttal he published pointing out the bad science behind a a study raising concerns about the toxic chemical benzene finding its way into vapor products.

Originally, the advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) was open for comments, data, and discussion through May, but thanks to a request by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternative Association (CASAA), the deadline was extended through July. Unfortunately, that means it's too late to tell your own story if you haven't done so already, but keep checking in with Breazy, where we'll make sure you stay on top of future opportunities to fight for your right to...vape.