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UK Parliament Pushing To Label Vaping As Smoking Cessation Aid

UK Parliament Pushing To Label Vaping As Smoking Cessation Aid


The United Kingdom has made substantial strides in their ongoing fight against smoking and is now close to taking one more step in their progressive vaping laws. In December 2017, UK health officials told Members of Parliament (MPs) that vaping is a far healthier alternative to smoking, and that it helps smokers to quit, according to a report on Newshub.

The Ministry of Health gave the briefing to Parliament as part of a planned law change initiated by the previous government, which would include new regulations around e-cigarettes to legalise their sale and set regulations around displays. So far, the Government hasn't decided whether the proposed changes will get its backing

Data has shown the risks of second-hand vapor are small because of low levels of toxicants compared to smoking. There's also evidence vapor doesn't kill as many cells as cigarette smoke, the Ministry said.

Previously, Public Health England has found that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than traditional tobacco.

A Professor’s Take

Marewa Glover, a Massey University professor of public health from the UK, claimed in a November article for Newshub that smoking rates would be dramatically reduced if misinformation wasn't being spread about e-cigarettes.

"These new smokeless products that are much less harmful, they are like a flaming torch, you give everyone one of them, stand them at the top of the glacier and we would see it melt much faster," she said.

Glover also cited the UK's drop in smoking rates as an example of how e-cigarettes are an effective tool for those trying to quit.

"The difference in the UK is their very different attitude in encouraging people to switch from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes."

She proposed an incentive program where those looking to quit would receive a voucher to use at vape shops, to subsidise the upfront costs of e-cigarettes, a barrier for those of lower socio-economic groups trying to quit.

British Progress

Britain has long been one of the most progressive countries in terms of vaping advocacy, particularly in the area of research.

One British study in March projected that with the continued availability of vape products through the year 2050 would create the biggest decline in smoking and result in the lowest possible number of preventable deaths.

Regardless of whether the vaping trend continues smoking is expected to continue to fall out of favor, though in coming decades smoking rates in Britain could fall as low as 9.7% (from 27% in 2000 and 20.3% in 2010) with vaping, through a ban on vapor products would place the expected smoking rate closer to 12.4%.

An interesting note is that the study was funded by British American Tobacco who, despite the findings predicting the demise of their core business, went ahead and made the results public.