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Vape Coil Building Chart - Our Guide

Vape Coil Building Chart

Built by hand, custom
coils offer an unparalleled level of personalization. Yet, for many, the thought of making one themselves would cause anxiety to course through the body. In other words, they seem to think it's an incredible challenge.

Building Chart of Vape Coil

Needed Materials

On the contrary, with the right tools, making them yourself is rather simple. Of course, you'll need the materials. However, once you've got those, the knowledge is readily accessible.

Vape Coil Building Chart: What Needs to Happen if You'd Like to Build a Coil?

So, for those interested in making coils, the following materials must be acquired. Otherwise, you'll only complete part of the project. Thus, before setting out on your journey, take a few moments to peruse this list. That way, once you are ready, everything will be there.

Needed Materials

- Wire:

Above all, wires are the most important part of this process. You'll be working with them throughout. In some instances, thicker wires produce more desirable results. However, on other occasions, the opposite will be true.

- Flush cutters:

After wrapping the wires, these let you cut them. Plus, since they are so small, using them in tight spaces is trivial.


Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coil

- Fine tip tweezers:

Made organically, human hands aren't the best at handling things so tiny. So, to assist with that deficit, grab yourself a pair of these.

- Small metal rod:

To wrap the wire, you'll need something as a guide. With a tiny metal rod, the perfect wrap isn't too much to ask for. If nothing else, try using the end of a screwdriver.

- Organic cotton:

Once it is all said and done, you must place a wick in the coil. Otherwise, vaping isn't the same. Generally speaking, we prefer the taste of organic cotton wicks.

- Scissors:

From time to time, things must be cut. In those moments, these come in handy.

- Ohm reader:

Perhaps, you'd like a vape with a specific resistance level. If that is the case, an ohm reader is essential. With them, you can test the coil while you build it.

- Coil jig:

Although these are optional, in our experience, they are more than worthwhile. Without a pair of them, wrapping the coil is much more effortful.

Uwell Valyrian 0.15 Ohm Replacement Coils

Macro vs. Micro Coils

Depending on the vape, coils vary in size. For coils under 2mm in diameter, we use the term micro. Anything larger than that would be a macro coil. Either way, understanding the terminology is a vital advantage.

Single vs. Multiple

With certain vapes, installing more than one coil is possible. Check out the instructions that were included with yours. That way, if you need to build multiple, you'll know ahead of time.

Basic Instructions to Build Your Coil

So, each vape will be built a bit differently. However, in most circumstances, the following steps should suffice. Unless you have a specialty vape, the specifics don't change much between products.

- Place the Leads:

Using one end of the wire, tie it to the lead.

- Wrap the Wire:

Now, with one end secured, start coiling the wire. Most of the time, we use a screwdriver. That way, you'll have something to wrap the wire around. Once everything is wrapped, remove the metal rod.

- Connect Them to the Leads:

At the other end, connect the loose wire to the opposite lead. Afterward, both ends should be secure.

- Wicking the Coil:

Finally, to enjoy those coils, they need a wick. Otherwise, you won't be vaping much with them. So, thread the organic cotton through the space made by the screwdriver. Following that, soak the cotton with your favorite vape juice. Let it soak for a few moments. Then, you can enjoy it.

This Year's Top Coils for Those Who Prefer Things Pre-Built

Sometimes, building your own coil might be a bit too much work. In those circumstances, we've chosen one of the following. Each of them provides more than enough power. As long as you have a compatible vape, it should work like a charm.

SMOK Nord Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

SMOK Nord Replacement Coils

Perhaps, your tastebuds love the flavor of salt-based nicotine. If that is the case, you would need something suitable. So, with that in mind, look at these options. Suppose you want a higher resistance coil. If so, then they've got you covered. On the other hand, for those who prefer lower resistance, they got something for you as well.

SMOK TFV12 Prince Replacement Coils

SMOK Baby V8 Mesh Replacement Coils 5 Pack - SMOK

Delivering between 40 and 80 volts, these coils are a beast in the machine. So, when you want something more than powerful enough for the job, grab a pack of these. Put them in your vape. Then, you'll appreciate all that power, packed away.

For the best results, try to maintain them in the center of that range. Typically, these voltages are among the most efficient. Thus, by using them at that temp, you'll prolong their useful life.

That way, instead of purchasing replacements, you'll be using them for a long time.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils

FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils

Most prominently, these come with multiple pieces. So, if you burn through one of them, just grab another one. In this way, a single purchase should be sufficient for a decent length of time. Otherwise, you'd be stuck without a workable vape. Fortunately, in our experience, such concerns remain unfounded. Moreover, by using these, your tastebuds will thank you.

Horizon Tech Falcon Replacement Coils

Horizon Tech Falcon Replacement Coils

Finally, we'll consider one of the newest introductions. Not all coils are built the same. Take this product, for instance. Compared to many of the other options, its quality stands out like a champion among men.

So, when you want those tasty puffs, installing these could be enough.

For us, it remains a favorite.