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Vape News In Brief: November 8th, 2017 Edition

Vape News In Brief: November 8th, 2017 Edition



We're going to assume readers here at the Breazy Blog know the drill by now – we take a semi-regular look around at what's happening in the world of vape news, and fill you in on all the big headlines. Jumping right in…



Let's start with some science, where researchers have discovered that e-cig aerosol can disrupt frog embryo development. We touched on this in our last installment – nicotine is likely the culprit here, and the truth of the matter is that it's best for pregnant humans (or frogs caring for their eggs) to avoid vaping and smoking entirely.


Filed under: conflicting information – while national groups continue to demonize users of flavored e-liquids under the assertion that offering flavored vapes is a means of tricking kids into vaping and then switching to smoking, actual evidence on the ground continues to show e-cig use among teens declining, rather than rising. This isn't happening because of flavor bans, because the results are the same across the country despite bans only having a very limited geographic impact. Instead, thank common-sense age restriction laws and a tighter regulatory environment for keeping vapes out of the hands of minors.



Here's a brief overview into the world of competing scientific claims as relate to the overall safety of vaping. While it doesn't draw any hard conclusions, it's nice to see the lie being put to the still-cited bogus 2015 study finding high doses of formaldehyde in old-generation vapor devices that were intentionally heated to the point of burning the wicking material and creating smoke that was cited as "vapor."


We've published a handful of stories here about the dreaded 40 percent wholesale tax on vapor products in Pennsylvania, and how it's crippled or shuttered hundreds of businesses in the state since taking effect last year. At least one entrepreneur, however, seems to be thriving enough to actually open not just one, but two new shops. Kudos.



Burying the lede: the Canadian Medical Association says there's a "strong and robust" linkage between teens who vape and those who go on to smoke later in life. But after this alarming intro, the linked article admits there's a big difference between correlation (one group of people who vape happening to belong to another group who smoke) and causation (being a person in the vape group is the reason you end up in the smoking group). The causal link is the one that still hasn't been established, with lead researcher David Hammond going on to admit that "A lot of what we're seeing in our study and a lot of other studies out there is a simple fact, and that is the kids who do risky things, the ones that are more likely to try e-cigarettes are also more likely to try smoking. And guess what? They're also more likely to try alcohol and marijuana. It's all to do with the fact that kids who are susceptible are going to try different things." Canada has not yet introduced a national minimum vaping age law, though youth under age 19 cannot purchase tobacco products.


Sales of JUUL, the popular new-generation cigalike, are through the roof – the company claims to have as much as a 27 percent market share on all vapor products. While exciting news for the company, the products are so popular they're getting hard to come by in many locations, and consumers are worried about a dropoff in quality as manufacturing ramps up to meet demand. If you're a fan of JUUL, not to worry – as one of the web's highest-volume vape suppliers, we've got a full selection of JUUL products ready to go.

Unfriendly fire – the owner of a Queens, NY vape shop is suing a competitor, claiming among other things that the offending shop ripped down his advertising and replaced it with their own, attempted to extract proprietary business information from suppliers as part of a spying campaign, and even used his company credit card (an employee is allegedly a former partner) to purchase $5000 worth of supplies. Get this article while you can – shortly after publication the news site's writers voted to unionize, and the owner shuttered the business in response.

Niche appeal – more than half of America's truck drivers smoke cigarettes, making smoking in this particular occupation more than twice as prevalent than among the general population. Now there's outreach to try to convert them to vaping, citing the 5 to 10 years longer they're expected to live from dropping the habit.

In from overseas, as the UK wraps up its Stoptober anti-tobacco campaign – long-term quit rates are more successful than ever, thanks to the inclusion of vapor products as part of a comprehensive quit strategy embraced by government and the medical community.

That's what we've got for now, check back soon for more!