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Vape News In Brief: September 13th, 2018 Edition

Vape News In Brief: September 13th, 2018 Edition


Vape News

VNIB is a semi-regular column in which Breazy takes a look around the globe, searching for news, science, and the occasional tasty pop culture tidbit related to vaping and the life of vapers. Today, let's talk about…



…the repeal of an anti-vape law! In a move we wish would gain traction elsewhere, tiny Ravalli County in Montana (population 41,373) has lifted a ban on vaping inside all businesses, giving store owners the right to decide whether to allow vaping on their premises. The move comes as a particularly critical win for vape shop owners whose customers otherwise would be unable to sample their products. (Which is a kind of like a clothing store not letting people try on clothing, but that’s neither here nor there.)  Montana has actually been ahead of the curve on most things vape-related: In 2015, the state was the first to officially recognize the difference between tobacco and vapor products, and it was also the first to establish a minimum age for the purchase and use of vapor products.


Celebrity gossip isn't usually our thing, but every once in a while we stumble across one of those lists of famous people who put down cigarettes and picked up the vape. This one includes Lindsay Lohan and that girl who danced with the shark at the Super Bowl that one time…

A vape shop that doubles as a bar slash pool hall? Rack ’em up! This place sounds awesome. This piece is worth a read, not just for how cool the place is, but for its fair treatment on the general state of vaping, the reasons people vape, and a (mostly accurate) assessment of vape science as we know it.


File to: Really?!? Aspiring British drivers taking their driving tests for the first time say that the behind-the-wheel road test doesn't adequately prepare them for real-life hazards they'll face on the mean streets. Shockingly, vape clouds emitted from other vehicles makes the top ten list of the modern threats motorists are worried about. The list also included low-flying drones and children on scooters. So there’s that, too.


More bad news emerged from Down Under, where Australian activists are currently pushing to make it legal to vape nicotine. A recent fundraising raffle to benefit the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association ran afoul of laws limiting prize size and participation and had to be canceled as a result. We touched on the group last week, noting a kerfuffle involving donations from vapor companies and confusion as to whether they constituted a "financial relationship." While the raffle has been called off, promoters say that most participants passed on getting a refund and instead wanted their donations to the association to stand, even without the chance to win a prize for their philanthropy.


Speaking of nicotine legalization via means other than traditional tobacco consumption, Canada recently decided to allow vapor products that contain the substance, clearing up a legal grey area that's persisted for years. Now the loonies (don't worry Canada, we're making fun of the name of your currency, not you!) are worried about Big Vape (yes, we're talking about Juul) invading the marketplace and appealing to teens nationwide. Let's hope the company learns from some of their stateside gaffes as they launch into the Great White North.

In other news, a Fresno, California man transporting a lithium-ion battery in his pocket was surprised when the cell entered thermal runaway and exploded, causing second- and third-degree burns. There's no word as to whether the victim here was properly storing his battery in a hard plastic case preventing other metal objects in his pocket from contacting the battery's positive and negative terminals, but that hasn’t stopped him from suing the vape shop that sold him the cell. We'll use this as another opportunity to remind readers that battery safety is very, very important – only YOU can prevent pants fires.


A new study, both funded and promoted by the manufacturer of blu cigalikes Fontem Ventures, finds that more than a third of smokers who try vaping are able to fully kick the cigarette habit after 90 days. The study suffers from a small sample size (72 people), but the results are promising–daily use of combustible tobacco fell from nearly 90 percent at the outset to less than 20 percent at the study's conclusion. Further, the average number of cigarettes smoked per day dropped from about 14 to four, suggesting that even users who continue to smoke dramatically cut their cigarette consumption. This is where we'll step in to remind readers that to actually benefit from quitting smoking you've got to actually quit smoking–that means the end goal needs to be a total of zero or fewer cigarettes per day.

Okay, let's call that a wrap – we'll have more of last week's news for you next week though, so stay tuned…