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Vape Your Way to a Pretend Tropical Getaway

Vape Your Way to a Pretend Tropical Getaway


Vape Your Way to a Pretend Tropical Getaway

Want to get away from the cold, brutal season, but can’t manage to pull off a vacation because you've got too much work, too little money, or all of the above?

While there's nothing quite like feeling the sun kissing your face and the waves lapping over your toes, vapers—unlike regular human mortals—actually have other alternatives to try and capture that feeling. We have access to endless flavors that capture the scents, tastes and vibes of an island paradise.

We've assembled a menu of our favorite tropical flavors to keep your mind off the long, dark winter and put you into a tropical state of mind. Our objective in compiling this list was to pick out juices that instantly make you feel like you’re on a beach (even though you’re not.)

So just lay back, take a puff, and slip away into your pretend vacation. (Hey, it’s better than nothing.)

Summer Drink - Big Bottle Co. E Liquid

Taking our first dip into a refreshing flavor, Summer Drink by Big Bottle Co. E Liquid makes you feel like jumping in crystal blue waves, building a sandcastle, and feeling the summer breeze on your face. We like to think of lemonade as the flavor of sunshine, and this blend features a lemonade base with hints of blackberry and peach for a fun-in-the-sun type of staycation.


Eden's Beach - Vape Dojo E Liquid  

A juice named after the beach is a good place to start when trying to imagine your way into a fake vacation via vaporizer. Eden’s Beach by Vape Dojo E Liquid lets you drift away to a beautiful paradise in your mind, if not in your body. This juice is like waking up alone on a pristine, empty beach and feeling like nothing could go wrong (so basically the opposite of the movie Castaway.) Blended with an expansive combination of fruit flavors, this e-liquid takes raspberry, pineapple  mango, cranberry and turns it into something beachy.


Pina Colada - Mucho by The Neighborhood E Liquid


There’s nothing like sipping on a piña colada and letting the hours drift away as the sun lowers into the horizon. Second best to that is Piña Colada - Mucho by The Neighborhood E Liquid. It’s got sweet coconut crème as a base flavor mixed with pineapple, strawberry, and, most importantly, rum flavors, which adds that extra zing to the blend. There’s so much going on it’s hard to know exactly what’s making this e-liquid taste so delicious. This creamy flavor brings the island vacation to you.

Pineapple Peach - Bazooka Tropical Thunder Sour Straws E Liquid

Overflowing with summer fruit, Pineapple Peach by Bazooka Tropical Thunder Sour Straws E Liquid conjures up the taste, smells, and experience of a tropical island. The tart pineapple tastes natural and fresh. The sweet peach balances the zing of the piña. It’s sweet and it’s pure, just the like the experience of falling asleep on your towel in 90-degree weather with sunglasses, suntan lotion, a good book and an icy bevvy all within arm’s reach. Highly recommended for lovers of pineapple and summer.


Flip Flop Lychee - Summer Holidays E Liquid

Flip flops are for breezy summer days walking on the boardwalk, feeling the sand between your toes, and grabbing a cold slushy to cool off. Flip Flop Lychee by Summer Holiday E Liquids offers a similar feeling to all that. The exotic lychee berry captures the summer spirit with its slightly tart and lightly sweet taste. The mysterious lychee has a special kick because it’s such an exotic tropical fleshy fruit. Perfectly capturing the carefree attitude of summer, this is a festive summer liquid for those of us deprived of both festivities and summer.


Mojito Lemonade - The Lemonade Stand E Liquid

Two of the most refreshing drinks on the planet are arguably mojitos and lemonade, and this juice puts them together. Mojito Lemonade by The Lemonade Stand E Liquid captures everything that satisfies about both drinks. The mojito was invented in Havana and this juice hits you with the sweet and sugary mint and rum combo of that Cuban classic.


TropiCali - Cali Steam E Liquid

For these dank, bone-chilling months, TropiCali by Cali Steam E Liquid brings the California climate to you in the form of this masterfully crafted juice. This e-liquid has been created to capture some of the fruits that California is best known for: tart pomegranate and kiwis, sweet mangos and pineapple. If you close your eyes while vaping this flavor and try hard (real hard) you might be able to teleport yourself to the supreme beaches and boardwalks of the Golden State.

Beaches and Dreams - House Blend Smoothie E Liquid

One fantasy that pretty much everyone has is owning a beach house. Imagine waking up to sounds of the ocean and the smell of saltwater floating in through your open window. Beaches and Dreams by House Blend Smoothie E Liquid is going for exactly that vibe. This peaches and cream blend is a transportative experience in a liquid. Take a puff, and imagine yourself sauntering down from your beach house to the ocean whenever you feel like it (even if you're actually freezing and nowhere near the beach.) Highly recommended for peach and beach lovers.

P.O.G. - Juice Roll-Upz Tropical E Liquid


The Tropical brand offers some of the most vibrant combinations for serious vapers. And P.O.G. by Juice Roll-Upz Tropical E Liquid really ups the ante when it comes to making a bold statement. P.O.G. takes passionfruit, guava, and orange essences and blends them up, like a smoothie, into a unique summer juice straight from Hawaii, home of the original POG blend. This juice is perfect for mentally escaping the winter months and transporting you into the vibe of a summer getaway.


Blueberry Pink Lemonade -Sanctuary E Liquid

Blueberry Pink Lemonade -Sanctuary E Liquid

Finishing off our list with a classic, Blueberry Pink Lemonade by Sanctuary E Liquid is a special flavor that captures everything you love about summer. Imagine making your way through the summer haze to grab an icy, delicious glass of lemonade from a little stand in your neighborhood. The addition of sweet blueberry balances out the lemony tartness to create a vape experience that feels calming and satisfying—kind of like the beach vacation that awaits you in the future, just not now.