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Vaping Etiquette: A Common Courtesy

Vaping Etiquette: A Common Courtesy


Although vaping may seem like a widely accepted hobby, and even though evidence has suggested that “secondhand vapor” is considered to be virtually benign when compared to tobacco smoke, there are some unspoken rules when it comes to vaping that newbies and long-term users should understand. Simply put, the practice of common decency is just good form and may lead to the eventual shift of public opinion on vaping.


The first thing you should consider when it comes to vaping is being aware of your surroundings.


If you’re in the privacy of your own home, you get to set your own rules. The vapor will not stain your walls or furniture, and the smell doesn't linger for too long (but intense indoor vapor does leave a residue - make sure you’re washing your windows and wiping down your walls a couple times a year). If you are having someone over, consider asking your guests if they’re okay with you vaping in their presence. While it is indeed your home, it’s just polite to take their opinion into consideration - they may have heard horror stories about vaping, and forcing your cloud into their personal space isn’t going to win you friends or influence.


When driving, consider the company you’re keeping as well. If you’re by yourself and want to cloud up your the car, it’s still a good idea to be cautious. Most police officers will be suspicious of a vehicle with a visible haze inside. Not only this, but a thickly-clouded passenger compartment can impair visibility and may pose a safety risk to not only you but everyone else on the road subjected to your impaired vision. If you have a passenger, it’s probably best to keep your windows open or avoid vaping if this isn’t ideal. While you might think your blueberry cheesecake e-liquid smells like a country bakery, your passenger may feel otherwise and quietly be gasping for some fresh air.


While walking around in public, consider the density of people around you. In the middle of the countryside or on a suburban lawn, there shouldn’t be a problem vaping to your heart’s content. However, if you find yourself walking on a crowded city street, pay attention to the people around you. Although second-hand vapor may smell good to you, it may be an issue for others; it’s always best to be conscious of the people around you and assume they don’t particularly want your cloud in their face.


The hardest locations to work with are probably businesses. If you’re headed to the movies, out at a restaurant, or anywhere in close proximity with others, it’s probably best to avoid vaping altogether. Social hubs, like clubs or bars, generally have clear rules issued by state authorities. If vaping isn’t banned, we still recommend asking an employee if it is okay. Normal businesses and stores vary, but the easiest route is to assume no one wants you clouding up the produce section at your local market.


Most public transportation systems have bans on smoking and vaping, so avoid doing so on planes, buses, trains, and ferries. Even if there are no official bans posted, there will probably be someone who will object to your vaping, and there’s no reason to cause a scene.


As important as knowing where you are is knowing who you’re with. Though we’ve touched on before, situational awareness is always key - we’re here to rally more folks to support our cause, not alienate potential supporters with boorish behavior.


When it comes to children, just keep your mod in your pocket. You wouldn’t smoke in front of them, so you shouldn’t vape either. Set a good example for them and avoid exposing them to smoking or vaping, regardless of what you are exhaling. Make sure you also keep your equipment with you and well out of the reach of any kids.


When it comes to smokers, never criticize their choice to smoke. Most of us have been in their situation at some point, so a kinship and mutual respect should always continue. If they’re interested, explain the benefits of vaping without being judgemental. There are plenty of articles on our learn page that can help you explain the benefits to everyone, and you always catch more flies with honey...


Also keep in mind that the PG content in most e-juice can have a negative impact on cats, as well as dogs to some extent, leading to anaemia. Personally, I avoid vaping around my pets, but some people have switched to VG-based liquids entirely to accommodate their furry friends’ health. Also, make sure to never leave your equipment unattended within easy access to your pets, as mods can be a fire hazard and ingesting e-juice can be lethal.


All in all, the key to vaping etiquette is just to be aware of who you are with and what your surroundings dictate as to appropriate behavior. When in doubt, the best advice is to just ask those around you if they mind you sneaking a puff. Although some studies have indicated that second-hand vapor is virtually harmless, people still may not want it blown in their general direction. If you get the opportunity and feel up to it, you can attempt to educate them, but never preach, and make sure you do your homework. Keep others’ opinions in mind and be considerate of their wishes. Even though many countries and states are looking to enact stricter laws, sticking to rules of conduct and creating a reputation of courtesy will only help our community in the long run.