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Best Wax Pen Brands for 2021 and Beyond

wax pen brands

Vape pens can also be called by different names, and examples include wax pens,
dab pens, and weed pens. In this case, we’re going to focus on brands of wax pens.

These are different from other types of vape pens because they use a coil and wick rather than cartridges. You can use them to vaporize wax concentrates, which makes them valuable for vapers who enjoy doing that.

Top Wax Pen Brands for 2021

There are many wax pen brands, and which one is best for you depends on your preferences as well as which ones are the best.
In this guide, we’re going to look at 4 specific wax pens. They come from the best wax pen brands, so you can be assured you’re getting the best quality in every single one. 

Top Brands for Wax Pen

There are four wax pens that we’ll be looking at in this article, and they are as follows: 

  • - Yocan X Vape Pen Kit Concentrate 
  • - Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Wax Vaporizer Kit 
  • - V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 E-Liquid Cartridge 
  • - Pax 2 Vaporizer Basic Kit 

The V2 Cigs is only a cartridge for the V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen, but that’s the only product available at the time of writing, so we’ve focused on that for now. 

Yocan X Vape Pen Kit Concentrate

Yocan X Vape Pen Kit Concentrate

This is one of the best wax pen brands that’s available for a great price. It’s only $20.99, and you can get it in four colors. These are blue, rosy, green, and silver. It will vaporize all of the concentrates that you put into it, and it will do it without any delays or problems. It’s got some nice style touches too. For example, it’s got a backlit firing button and is controlled with single buttons. 


  • - It heats instantly 
  • - It works with both wax and concentrates 


  • - Its battery size is quite small, at 500mAh 


Duplex Dual Extract Wax Vaporizer Kit by Ooze

Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Wax Vaporizer Kit

Another one of the best brands of wax pen is called Ooze, and this vape pen of theirs is worth noting. It’s a little pricey, at $27.99, but that’s made up for by its features. It’s got a decent battery size of 1000mAh, and that means you won’t need to charge it too often. It’s also chargeable via USB, which is convenient. You can also fit it into your pocket. 


  • - It only takes 15 seconds to preheat 
  • - It has several voltage outputs you can select 


  • - It only has a capacity of 1ml in its glass tank 

Atopack Penguin Replacement Cartridge - Joyetech

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 E-Liquid Cartridge

Although this isn’t a vape pen in itself, it does come from one of the top brands for wax pens. You can buy the cartridge for $6.99, and the vape pen itself shouldn’t cost too much more than this when it goes back on the market. The cartridge size is 1.6ml, so when you put it in the V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen, you’ll find it lasts for quite a while. 


  • - The cartridge uses smart technology 
  • - It comes with a user manual 


  • - The vape pen itself only comes with one of these cartridges

Pax 3 Vaporizer Basic Kit by Pax

Pax 3 Vaporizer Basic Kit 

A stylish and high-end vape pen from one of the best wax pen brands, the Pax 3 Vaporizer is what you should buy if money is no object. That’s because it costs $157.49. However, it’s worth the cost. You can buy it in black or silver, as well as teal, fuchsia, or rose gold. It has two mouthpieces and even has its own smartphone app. You’ll also find it comes with a maintenance kit. 


  • - It takes 15 seconds to heat up 
  • - It comes with 4 different temperature modes 
  • - It only takes 1 hour to charge 


  • - The price might make it unaffordable for you 


The brands of wax pens that are the best have several things in common. They’re nicely designed, heat up quickly, and are worth the cost attached. They also come with spare parts and charge quickly, so you’re not inconvenienced. 

Out of all the ones we picked, there is no clear top choice, as they’re all suitable for different budgets and come in different designs. 

However, they’re all worth buying, so you shouldn’t hesitate to choose from this list.

If you want to get hold of any of these wax pens or any accessories related to vaping, there is one thing you can do. 

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