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Which Pod System Should I Buy?

Welcome! Everything is fine. If you're just joining us, we've previously discussed what a pod mod is, along with the difference between closed and open system pod mods. We've also covered replacemen … read more

Fruit Monster E-Liquid Review

One of our favorite high-end liquid suppliers, Jam Monster E-Liquid, is back at it with a line of jamtastic fruity blends, the Fruit Monster. In this unique trio of wild flavors, Jam Monster sets out … read more

SMOK Novo Pre-Filled Pods Review

When it comes to smaller pod systems, the Smok Novo Pod Mod is high on the list as one of the most accessible devices to use. It’s arguably an easier-to-use device than similar pod systems such as Asp … read more

VooPoo DRAG NANO Pod System Review

DRAG NANO Pod System - VooPooContinuing the trend of pod systems getting ever smaller, the DRAG NANO Pod System by Voopoo takes a big step down (up?) in terms of pushing portability. We get it: over t … read more

SMOK Trinity 30W Alpha VV Mod Review

SMOK Trinity 30W Alpha VV Mod ReviewDedicated vapers are probably familiar by now with the Orion series of pod mods from Lost Vape. Even if you've never vaped one, you know they ushered in a new era o … read more

SMOK TF2019 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

SMOK TF2019 Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewSmok probably deserves credit for introducing the world to sub-ohm clearomizers as we know them today. When the TFV-4, first in the TFV series, came out back in 2015, it … read more

How Long Do Vape Coils Usually Last?

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?One of the benefits of open-system vaping hardware is that you can re-use your tank or pod and coil many times over, saving money compared to closed-system pods that have t … read more

Can You Bring Vapes on a Plane?

Vapes on a PlaneWe all know air travel can be a pain. Enduring long lines, removing shoes, emptying your electronics cases, submitting to a full body scan. If you're lucky that's what it takes just to … read more

Best Beginner Vapes

The Vaping industry has been rapidly growing over the years. It has helped people quit has various advanced products for users. The second-hand vapor used and ingredients are beneficial to … read more

Best Nic Salt Juice

Nicotine Salt Juice, or popularly known, Nic Salt Juice, is a complex chemical compound formed from Tobacco leaves. This compound has become popular as a faster way to release Nicotine into your body … read more

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