Cannoli Be One - Cassadaga E Liquid Review

Bill Brink

11th Apr 2023


When it comes to dessert-profile vape liquids landing right on the money, flavorings that you can associate with memories or past experiences goes a long way. 

Cannoli Be One by Cassadaga Liquids is that kind of liquid. From the rich creams to the pastry and beyond, the flavors you get in Cannoli Be One are exceptional in every sense. From the first time I got my hands on this product I was in love; being a big fan of dessert vapes already, the promise of a cannoli in vape form was too much to pass up. Now I don't know about you, but I love cannoli and rarely pass up the opportunity to sink my teeth into one. But, something that any cannoli connoisseur will tell you is that they are meant to be consumed fresh. 

There's a big difference between just-prepared and day-old cannoli, and the quality goes downhill fast. Cannoli Be One, luckily, is that fresh pastry we're seeking. The most dominant flavor here is a cream filling of the cannoli, which grabs hold of your olfactory senses and locks itself into a memory bank. With subtle chocolate notes, Cannoli Be One then dives into the pastry at the heart of the dish it's mimicking. Paired with either a fine wine or a couple fingers of scotch, this eliquid raises itself to a fine art, or enjoy it in the morning with your cup of coffee and you'll be set to take on the world.

Cannoli Be One comes in a 80% VG blend for maximum cloud production, though there's no flavor loss that we can detect. 30ml of this vape liquid is something I was able to vape through in record time, I simply could not put it down. Cannoli Be One can be found right here at Breazy – pick up a bottle or three before our review staff buys out the whole stock!

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