Moo Eliquids Review


11th Apr 2023

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While its cutesy packaging may lead you to believe this line of liquids is all style and no substance, rest assured you'd be completely wrong on that assumption, instead missing the opportunity to get your hands on a fantastic product. Moo Eliquids is much more than just nice packaging and a pretty logo; let's take a look at the line and help you get a better idea of what you can expect.

The entire Moo Eliquids line focuses on milk flavors of one type or another, each mixed at a 70% VG ratio, which is ideal for delivering big flavor and cloud production while being suitable for use in both tanks and drippers. The line as of right now is limited to three unique flavor profiles.


Banana Milk - Moo Eliquids

Banana Milk E Liquid - Moo Eliquids: This entry by Moo Eliquids can be describe in two ways: the first is a lovely banana milkshake experience that's delivered at lower wattage with open airflow. The second: it turns into a delicious warmed milk with sliced bananas that over a flame release their rich dominant flavor slowly into the milk to become one. The levels of banana in this vape juice are none too common, because milk and banana combinations usually require additional flavors to convince them to play well with one another. Moo Eliquids seems to have figured out how to make things work without affecting the potency of either flavor.


almond milk - moo eliquids

Vanilla Almond Milk E Liquid - Moo Eliquids: No, you didn't misread that - it really does say Vanilla Almond Milk. In years past, we've found that flavors including vanilla and almond typically were blended with hazelnut. With new extract techniques emerging in the past year developing a proper, vape-safe almond flavor has become a reality, and Moo Eliquids was one of the first companies to jump on board when it came time to give us a better almond experience. The end result is ridiculously good - if you have a donut vape you love, I would recommend pairing them up and just chain vaping the combination almost all day long.


Strawberry milk - moo eliquids

Strawberry Milk E Liquid - Moo Eliquids: This, to me, is probably the least exciting product in the Moo Eliquids lineup. It's not because of any lack in quality (this is still a great vape!), but we've seen this flavor done well time and again by other companies. That shouldn't take away from Moo Eliquids' efforts, because their offering is phenomenal for what it is. Straight forward and simple, you're getting a fresh strawberry-flavored vape juice paired with milk – the end result tastes like strawberry Quik, but with a fresher fruit component. For someone who likes the idea of that and hasn't already found an ideal supplier in that vein, I would definitely recommend giving this one a go.