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Best Wax Vape Pens to Buy in 2021

Best Wax Vape Pens to Buy in 2021

Wax pens are devices that heat concentrates into vapor. These portable devices come with different battery capacities, coils, and are available in various sizes. In this guide, we'll look at the best wax
vape pens that you should buy in 2021. 

Top Wax Vape Pens

What Are the Benefits of Wax Vape Pens?

Many people prefer using wax vape pens because of various reasons. They include:

Eliminate Toxins

Everyone knows about the effects of smoking. Wax vape eliminates toxins to ensure that it's not harmful to your lungs and throat. 

Save Money

Using a wax vape will help you to save money in the long run. Instead of purchasing expensive glassware, wax vape pens are cost-effective. Additionally, you won't use it a lot as the chamber does not hold much. But it does the trick because wax vape pens are efficient enough.

Preserve Wax

Smoking cannabis oil can easily burn from a dab rig through a gram. Dab vapes use few concentrates; adding a small amount of dab is enough for two to three hits. The oil often runs off to the part of the atomizer designed to heat the wax. As such, you can scoop up the oil that's running and then apply it again to the coil.


Wax vapes allow you to change the temperature. Because smoking creates higher temperatures, this can burn the material. In turn, this can change the taste of the vapor. Since using a wax vape enables you to change the temperature to what you are comfortable with, you'll experience an unadulterated flavor. 

Are Vapes the Same as Wax Pens?

Vapes are battery-powered devices used for inhaling vapor produced by liquid or oil cartridges. Essentially, vapes consist of 4 major parts: a battery, sensor, atomizer, and tank. The parts interact together to produce the vapor that you inhale. When in use, oil or liquid will be sucked into the atomizer, then heated into vapor before you inhale it. 

While wax pens are similar to vapes in form, they don't vaporize oil or liquid. A wax pen melts waxier concentrates of cannabis or other similar substances. Just like traditional vapes, wax pens feature a few main components: a chamber for heating/melting wax, a battery, and a mouthpiece that you'll use to inhale the vapor through. 

Most of the wax pens come encased in steel because they need more heating power. As a result, this ensures that you are protected from its warm internal temperatures when using the device.

Tips on Using Wax Pens

Before you start looking for the best wax vape pens, there are several tips that you should know and follow to ensure you'll get an exhilarating wax vaping experience. 

Avoid OverPacking the Wax Coil

Overpacking to avoid reapplying wax in a vaping session can result in a sticky, waxy overflow. Keep in mind that wax often bubbles and expands when it's heating. That means an overpacked wax atomizer (vape coil) will overflow the heating chamber. In turn, this will make a sticky mess on your wax vape pen, resulting in blockages that could make vaping difficult or impossible. 

To avoid messes and extend your wax pen and heating coils' life, you need to avoid overpacking. If you would like to have longer vaping sessions, use a little at a time while reapplying wax to the coils regularly. 

Leave Your Wax Pen Upright After Vaping

Doing this is important because whenever wax concentrates are vaped, they are melted from solid to liquid form to allow them to vaporize. Failing to store your wax vape upright will put it at risk of leaking wax. Once the wax leaks from your device, it will harden and make a sticky, hard-to-clean mess. 

The wax can also end up leaking upwards into the pen's vapor path or other airways. Consequently, this can clog your pen and make it hard for you to enjoy vaping sessions. 

Leave Wax Concentrates in Your Freezer or Refrigerator

Wax can be less solid and sticky when you are packing it onto heating oils, even at room temperature. Storing wax in your fridge or freezer will keep it less sticky and solid. As a result, packing the exact amount you need to vape onto the heating coils. 

What Are the Best Wax Pens and Vapes on the Market?

The popularity of wax pens and vapes is growing every day as concentrates are becoming more mainstream. If you are looking for the best wax vape pens and vapes, here are some of the devices we recommend. 

Duplex Dual Extract Wax Vaporizer Kit - Ooze

Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Wax Vaporizer

Packed with a 1000mAh battery capacity, Duplex Dual Extract Wax Vaporizer is one of the best wax vape pens in the market. This dual-use vaporizer is designed for waxes and oils. The mod comes with a micro USB charging cord and a micro USB port. 


The device has three different voltage output options that vapers can use when they are vaping with either Dual Quartz Wax Tank or Ceramic Glass Oil Tank. The higher voltage provides large clouds. The lower voltage, on the other hand, produces smoother and less visible vapor. The device is also small and sleek, and it will fit comfortably in the palm of your hands. 


- Easy to use

- Stealthy design

- Plenty of accessories

- It comes in various colors

- Solid connection

- Its compact size makes it portable


- Lower battery life when on higher voltage settings

Yocan X Vape Pen Kit Concentrate

Yocan X Vape Pen

The Yocan X is among the best vape pens for wax or oil to buy. This wax pen has a pod system and features three different voltage settings that you can work with: 4.2V, 3.8, and 3.4. The varying voltage allows for convenience and versatility when you are working with different concentrates styles.


Packing a 500mAh rechargeable battery, the Yocan X vape pen has long battery life. It recharges via USB-C and provides powerful heating; it only takes 10 seconds to preheat and allows you to enjoy vaping on the go. It will only take you around 40 minutes to fully charge your device. Its battery serves as a body with strong magnets designed to keep the mouthpiece and atomizer in place. 

With its pod-changing capability and small size, the device is discreet. Users do not need to carry the wax container to use the Youcan X. What's more? This device is suitable for newbies and experienced vapers.

The vape pen features a basic mouthpiece that has a hole beneath designed for the airpath made of silicon. The mouthpiece is located on the top side of the rectangular-shaped atomizer, which you can remove with ease if you want to expose the coils. 

Yoan X features a Dual Quartz coil with a fast-heat-up speed; it produces a large cloud while keeping the flavor. What's the best part? Even if you put a small dab in it, it still produces high-quality vapor consistently. 


- Affordable

- It comes with a pre-heating feature

- Dual quartz ceramic coil

- Easy to maintain

- It's available in a range of colors


- The device may lose charge quickly at higher voltage settings

Pax 3 Vaporizer Complete Kit

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax 3 Vaporizer is a portable and durable device designed to give you the comfort and confidence you need to travel with it. The vape pen is compatible with extracts that use the Concentrate Insert and dry herb. 

The device takes around 15 seconds to reach the set temperature. Once Pax 3 Vaporizer reaches the desired temperature, it will vibrate then the lights will turn green. You can no start taking draws from the mouthpiece.


As one of the best wax vape pens for sale, this device packs a battery with a capacity of 3500mAh. That means you will enjoy vaping for more than a day without charging the device. The LED light alerts you when you need to re-energize. You can buy the full kit or choose to get the device only. Made from anodized aluminum that makes it feel dense and solid, the Pax 3 comes in two styles: Mattes and Glossy.

It also features a lip sensing system; With this feature, the device knows whenever you are pausing on every draw or you're taking draws continuously. What's the best part? Pax 3 Vaporizer comes with an app that users can install on their mobile devices. The application allows you to name and customize it. You can also lock it if you would like to prevent other people from using it while you are not around. 

The device features two mouthpieces: raised and flat. The flat mouthpiece sits close together with the top of the wax vape pen and preserves the sleek, simple shape of the device. The raised one, on the other hand, allows only your lips to touch the silicone mouthpiece.

The vape pen features two dry herb oven lids: half-oven and full-oven. When it comes to the full-oven lid, it allows you to fit about 0.35g of dry herb in your oven. The half-oven, on the other hand, reduces this by 50%. Ideally, this is between 0.15 and 0.20g. That means you can take a couple of hits without using a lot of herbs.

Additionally, the full kit has a Concentrate lid that you can use with an extract. The vape pen snaps into charge by sliding it over your charger, which is a very convenient feature. 


- It is available in various vibrant colors

- User-friendly

- Allows you to choose from five modes

- Portable

- Beautifully sleek and minimal design


- No removable battery

Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

Smok Vape Pen 22 Kit

As one of the best wax vape pens on the market, Smok Vape Pen 22 Kit has a simple and stylish design. It's portable, discrete, and comes with a built-in 1650mAH battery. The capacity of this battery means that you can use it throughout the day without the device requiring charging. The built-in battery also comes securely held in place, so you won’t experience any rattling when you decide to shake the mod.


The device has a diameter of 22 millimeters and a height of 110 millimeters. The re-designed tank provides users with first-rate taste. What's more? You can detach and reassemble all the parts of this device, making it easy to clean and maintain. 

The airflow and the base where you are supposed to screw the coil heads are on top of the vape pen. The device is solid, as the whole thing was built from stainless steel, which means it's durable, long-lasting, and has the finish that will withstand several hits without chipping. 

The firing button is nice, rounded, and large enough. It's protruding a little bit, making finding it and operating it a breeze. 


- Cost-effective

- Long-battery life

- Compact size

- Straightforward top fill

- Excellent performance

- Simplicity and ease of use


- Doesn't come with a removable battery

Kanger SUBVOD Starter Kit

Kanger SUBVOD Starter Kit

Kanger SUBVOD Starter Kit is ideal for newbies and intermediate vapers looking for smooth flavor and large vapor production. You don't have to fiddle with anything, as you only need to plug and play.

When it comes to performance, the Kanger Subvod is superior to the usual starter kit. Essentially, the SSOCC 0.5ohm coil allows you to enjoy some impressive vapor production and flavor. In turn, this gives you a thrilling vaping experience while allowing you to produce huge clouds with the Subvod kit. 

Because stainless steel was used to make the SSOCC coils,  you should expect between two and three weeks lifespan before you need to change your coil. That means you'll save money over usual starter kits that need coil replacement every week. 


The redesigned Subtank Nano S runs on a 1300-milliampere-hour pen-style battery. These pieces work together to create a flexible vape kit that allows you to have a thrilling vaping experience. You can charge the battery quickly; you only need a couple of hours to recharge the battery fully. 


- Great performance

- Great battery life

- Easy to use and refill

- Charges fast


- Fixed voltage output means that you can't adjust the power

Nord 19 Vape Pen Starter Kit - Smok

Smok Nord 19 Vape Pen Kit

If you are looking for something that will encourage you to pack your bags and go on exciting adventures, the Nord 19 Vape Pen Kit is ideal for you. Suitable for beginners and advanced vapers, this device has an impressive design. 


It fits perfectly in your pocket and comes with a 1300mAh designed to allow you to enjoy vaping the whole day. It has a 2ml tank capacity, allowing you to have a thrilling experience. The starter kit will come with a wattage output that ranges between 3.3V and 4.2V. What’s more? It has a stainless steel casing construction that makes it durable and long-lasting.


- Ergonomic and easy to use

- NORD coils continue to impress

- Compact design

- Lightweight

- Easy filling and coil replacement


- The coil head of Smok Nord 19 comes off together with the top cap

Horizon Tech Magico Nic Salt Pen Starter Kit

Tech Magico Nic Salt Pen Kit - Horizon 

This sleek vape pen comes with a compact design. Therefore, it's easy to travel around with the device. 


The kit features a 2000mAh rechargeable battery capacity to allow for longer vaping sessions. The vape pen has dual functionality and an output voltage that ranges from 3.2 to 4.2V. It also has a resistance range of between 0.1ohm and 2.8ohm. With the single operation button, you'll get access to multiple functions. These include a no-load prompt and LED battery life indicator. 

The device is durable and long-lasting due to the zinc-alloy chassis construction. Moreover, it has a refillable tank with a 5.5ml capacity. You can get a refill quickly, thanks to the sliding top-fill design. The vape pen has two different coils: The NS coil has a 1.8ohm resistance, while the mesh coil has a 0.12ohm resistance. 


- Battery lasts a long time

- Delicious mouth to lung experience

- No leaks

- It comes with a spare coil


- No adjustable features

CBDfx Gelato CBD Terpenes Vape Pen

CBDfx Gelato Terpenes Vape Pen

Many people love this vape pen because it's built with high-quality materials. It's also easy to carry and doesn't need charging.


The draw-activated feature allows you to enjoy the content in the vape pen. The device is packed with terpenes - the unique aromatic compounds in all plants that contributed to hemp's overall biological effect.


- User-friendly

- Discrete and easy to carry

- Expertly crafted flavor


- The battery is not rechargeable


Now that you know the best wax vapes on the market and understand their main differences with vape pens, you can make an informed decision when making a purchase. 

If you are looking for the best wax vape pens to buy, head over to Breazy.com. We have a range of top-tier wax vapes with a range of designs, colors, 

and greater battery capacities to serve the needs of different vapers.